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If I Die Tomorrow~   Leave a comment

If I died in my sleep tonight how many people can really say that they knew me?
How many people know the real me?
Probably very few.

If anyone.

heart hands



So I thought I would write down a few thoughts, mainly on things that I love.

For instance I don’t think anyone on this planet knows that I LOVE Campbells’ Bean and Bacon soup.

I love it so much I can eat it cold right out of the can.

bb soup

How many people know that I have had 8 lovers in my life?

hugging two

Or that I am insanely romantic and passionate?

How many people know that I am a bastard?
That my biological father was already married when he had an affair with my mother that produced me.

Does anyone know that sometimes I think death would be welcomed and I could be in Heaven with no struggles?

Heavenly pic

I have 6 grandchildren and I would give my life for everyone of them if need be.

Does anyone know that?

I love sunrises and sunsets.

sunrise 1           sunrise 2

Does anyone know that I enjoy the planning and the anticipation of a vacation more than I enjoy the vacation itself?

Is anyone aware that I have had my heart broken, split in two, just once in my life?

heart broken

Does anyone know that I love walking in the rain, a warm rain…..and without an umbrella

walking in the rain

Would anyone care to know that I talk to my sister Cyndi via instant messaging almost every day?  Even though she can’t answer me I still find great comfort in talking to her and sending her things I think she might find interesting.

Cyndi one

I am quite sure that if I thought about it some more I could think of other things no one knows about me.

But alas it is almost eleven pm and I am tired.

Have a wonderful day readers.






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Thank You Lord~   Leave a comment

dear God

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It isn’t me~   Leave a comment

My coworker told me tonight at work that I have a telephone number in the phone book.

The 2019 phone book of West Liberty Iowa.

I looked it up and sure enough my name is there and a telephone number that I have never had is there with my address.

So strange.

I don’t know how anyone could have gotten the number or my name and address

I know with one hundred percent certainty that I am the only Marge Polman in West Liberty and I am the only one living at my address.

Just don’t get it……



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What Would You Do With 700 Million?   Leave a comment

So the Powerball lottery is back up past seven hundred million.

I think it is a bit insane to be that high.

I honestly don’t think it should go higher than ten million and then someone has to win it.
Who needs 700 million dollars?

I played of course and I would of course accept the seven hundred million if I won it.

Chances are it would be more like 350 million after taxes if you took the lump sum.

I would buy a home in the county with a lot of land.

house in country

I would buy a home on the ocean for my winter retreat.

ocean home

I would pay off my children’s houses and help them in whatever way they need help up to the ten million point each.

I would buy my siblings houses if that is what they wanted up to five million each.

I would give millions to the University of Iowa for cancer research in my mother’s name.

I would buy a home in the mountains.

mountain home

I would buy a home in Utah, in Montana.

utah home

Montana home

I would travel the world.

I would give to charities.

I would help those who are less fortunate.

But as we all know, I won’t win the lottery.

It is next to impossible.

But it is fun to dream.



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Sinus pain~   Leave a comment


I woke up with this sinus infection and it hasn’t left me all day.

I went to the doctor for something totally unrelated to the sinus pain and the doctor told me to take Clairton.

That I should take it every day for a month of more because it will kick the sinus headache and help with the allergies coming on with spring arriving.

So I bought some.

You can only take one in a twenty four hour period so I took one.

It hasn’t helped a bit.


So I took an Advil Sinus and hopefully it will at least take the major pain away.

Can’t even turn my head without the pain.

This doctor also told me that there is no reason for me to be taking Aleve every day.

I take Ibuprofrin when needed for my aches and pains, usually just when I work and she said it isn’t good to take both.

So she suggested I cut out the Aleve.

Any hoo……I am tired of this sinus pain.

Boo hoo…..






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Unfortunately~   Leave a comment

Well unfortunately I had to work all weekend when the weather was decent and I could get outside and do yard work.

Today is isn’t even fifty and a cool breeze is blowing and I can’t be out there, or let me say I choose not to be out there working in the shade to get my flower beds cleaned.

I just have one to do but it is a big one and in the shade.
Too cool for that kind of working.


I love the warmer temperatures, don’t get me wrong.

But 46 just isn’t warm enough.

Not when we had sixties on Saturday and fifties yesterday.

The days I was stuck inside for ten hours both days.

Wednesday is supposed to be close to sixty again but I have to be at work at two.
And have my grandchildren in the morning so there won’t be any working in the yard that day either.



I know warmer weather is coming.

I do know it.

And hopefully it will coincide with my days off eventually.

1977392_454429064703741_1297047025_nyeah it’s bedding but it is pretty……..

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Spring~   Leave a comment

The grass is turning green and a few of my trees are getting little buds on them.

I have a few flowers trying to come up too.
All due to this nice warm sun and pretty days.

I love spring.

I love the newness and cleaning off the old plants that have hibernated all winter, to bloom again and shower my yard with their beauty.

When I get some flowers coming up I will post them.

Right now even though the days are warm, close to sixty……the nights are still cold enough to make it bad for the flowers and kill them prematurely.


It was a long winter.


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