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Saturday we had a celebration of life for Jason.

He died on May 15th from a heart attack.

He was 39

Way too young.

Right before the celebration ended we lit and flew lanterns for Jason.

I do believe there was 39 in all for the years he lived.

This is my son in law Adam who was Jason’s half brother



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Starting 12 hour shifts   Leave a comment

Today is my first day of working 12 hour shifts from now on

The 1st 4 hours flew by and the last 4 haven’t been bad

I have 4 to go

It has been decent

Working 12 hour shifts means I just work

3 days a week which I think I will love

I work Wednesday and Thursday nights and then I am off till Sunday night at 6pm.

Then I am off till Friday night at 6

Which will be awesome to have 4 and a half days off in a row

I told my sister I may head West on one of those 4 days off weeks

Maybe Wyoming or Utah

Love the thought of just getting in the car and driving


I would go to Sarasota or Fort Myers with my sister Kathy if she wanted

I know that the coronavirus is still out there but I think ou f we are careful we would be fine


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Aggravating   1 comment


on craigslist in Dubuque there is a person who has three small saint Bernard’s she wants to sell.

2 females and one male.

I have inquired twice about getting the male pup but the person isn’t getting back to me.

Why are they posting the pups if they don’t want to have someone buy them?

I LOVE Saint Bernard’s.

I want one desperately and Rick, my husband has agreed to it.

Darn it.
Sure wish they would get back to me.

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Inspiration-   Leave a comment

I am looking for some inspiration

Some get up and go

I feel like I am floundering at times

Aimlessly walking through the foggy day just going through the motions and not really living life

Maybe it is because I am working 3rd shift

But I sometimes feel that I am barely living

Just floating through

It isn’t a good feeling


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Endless~   Leave a comment

I feel like I need a vacation.

It is an endless feeling.

It doesn’t have to be to a beach…..although I do miss Florida.

But since the coronavirus is running rapid there I can’t see going there.

I yearn to get into my car and just drive west.

Love the idea of it.

Unfortunately it can’t happen any time soon.

Well starting next week I am going to start working twelve hour shifts.

I have done three before and with working twelves, I will work less.

This coming week it will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and then next week will be Sunday and then not again until Friday and Saturday.

So I will have Monday through Friday at six off.

A great time to just take off.

Doubt it will happen though.

But it is nice to dream…..


Maybe some time soon……

utah home

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Odd man out   Leave a comment

There are 3 of us tonight and I always feel like I am the odd man out

Simply because I rarely work with the guy CNA

He and the girl Ashley have their repore

They click and I feel like the extra tagging along in their wake

Its not that they treat me differently because they don’t

I just don’t click with them

They are younger and have more incommon

Thus I feel like the 3rd wheel

I actually hate when there is 3 of us

I lose 5 residents to take care of

That leaves me with 10 to care for but only 5 of the 10 do I actually do anything with


Starting Monday next week I am going to start working 12 hour shifts that will only be 3 days  a week

I will enjoy that



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The Family Tree   Leave a comment

I have thought for years that my Mother’s life and the life of her children would make a good book

Possibly a best seller

Meryl Streep would play mom in the movie….


So I was doing a family tree of sorts and for the life of me I couldn’t remember my Uncle Carls older children or how one of my cousins and her siblings became related to us

By marriage but still it was a bit foggy for me

So I instant messaged the cousin and she set me straight-

We come from a huge family and even though we have all gone our separate ways and only touch base on Facebook, there is a lot of wonderful memories of our huge family picnics when I was a kid


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I must admit that I don’t get on here to write

I use to be so faithful at it, sometimes writing several blogs a day

I honestly don’t know where the days go to

It is amazing to me how quickly time goes

We had a amazing storm earlier today

It took out quite a few trees and power lines

The wind had to be 50 or more miles per hour

It was crazy but it cooled down wonderfully

Got to love the cooler weather

Still wishing I could go on vacation but with the coronavirus I just can’t see it happening



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It was a very pretty day today

Cool 73, but breezy and nice

Love days like this

I had to wear a sweater to work because they say it will be in the 50s in the morning


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Hoping   Leave a comment

FB_IMG_1596433285659sure hope the new month means better health for everyone

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