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Good Morning world   Leave a comment

It is Saturday morning almost nine thirty in the morning.
I got up, did twenty-five minutes of exercise and am now eating some yogurt and checking in to the world of the internet.

(I know 25 minutes isn’t anything, but I have to start out slow and build up with this old body of mine)

No great plans today other than seeing my grand daughters later and watching the two youngest ones.
I may talk my husband into going to a movie.
I haven’t decided yet.

There is a couple I would like to see.

but if we don’t go that if fine too.

I have my usual chores, cleaning the house and what not.
I think I will save laundry for tomorrow evening since I just did two loads on Thursday night.

Well I am writing again and I hope I get to do that for at least a while today too.
got it all worked out in my head, now I just need to get it from my brain to the paper.
Which sounds easier than it usually is.

Anyway I am off to take my bath.
Happy Saturday everyone!


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I’m writing again   Leave a comment

Oh it feels so good.
the writing bug is back again!!
I am thrilled.
The words are just flowing out of me.
I can’t tell you how much I love to just spend hours forming this story!!!
How I love it!!
If only I could make my living this way!!!!


Posted October 31, 2009 by Marge in ramblings