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my escape


the ocean has become my escape.

I may have to go visit it again one day soon, even if I have to do it all by myself.



raindrops and green

last week they were saying we were in for a snow storm on Tuesday here in Iowa.
Now I hear it will all be rain.
Which will make me thrilled beyond words if all we get it rain.
True it won’t make things as green as what is in the above picture……but every day is one day closer to spring.

raindrops and leafs

we will be dealing with more of the gray bland coldness of a winter rain.
But that is infinitely better then a lot of snow.

snow just turns to mud and bleakness anyway.

I use to love winter.
But this year I don’t care for it one bit…..

So I vote we for go it completely and stick with the rain.
Now if only Mother Nature listens to me.


Happy Sunday!

Ready for spring


I am so ready for spring.
Today it is mid forties with sunshine but the air feels cold.

Unfortunately we are in for another snow storm on Tuesday so spring will be pushed back for a while.
I know, it isn’t even February 1st and I want spring.

Wish I was in Florida working on my tan.




Ahh huh


I think I have a touch of the flu.

Have a bad stomach ache that has been holding on for over twelve hours now.


Feel very bloated and disgusting.

occasionally I feel like I could puke, but so far I haven’t.


Finally Friday which makes me happy.

no great plans for the weekend other then my grand daughter’s basketball game tomorrow at one.



wish I was here by the ocean and had a fire going.

it looks so serene and wonderful.


I funny

My beautiful seventeen month old grand daughter walks around our house laughing and saying “I funny”

She is so smart.

We went down to the basement last night and coming back up she counts every step perfectly from 1-11.

She is ornery and incredible and very stubborn.

But I love her dearly as I do all my grandchildren

yes I will say it again, I am blessed.

thank you God



I have a huge attraction to water.

I wish I lived near the ocean or a big beautiful lake.

Something about it just draws me in.

east fort myers florida


The one person I can count on to write me every day or every day and a half hasn’t written.

such a downer to open my email account and I don’t see an email from her.


crappy way to start the day.



I doubt I will ever be one hundred percent comfortable with who I am but I think I get closer every day.


I like this~