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cuppycake honey bunch, snookum snookum, apple of my eye   Leave a comment

my grand daughter Kayla sings this song to me

it goes like this

your my cuppycake, honey bunch, snookum snookum, the apple of my eye

and I love you so and I want you to know that I will always always be by your side

I adore her and her little innocence.

yesterday I called to talk to my son and they were over in the city park and he asked if I wanted to talk to her and she gets on the phone and says “Hi Nana!”  I say “Hi sweetheart, how are you? Are you playing at the park?”  and she says “no my dad won’t let me do anything!”
I laughed and said “You aren’t at the park playing?”
And she said “Yes I am!”
She is so funny

she doesn’t listen to the question before she answers.
I love her dearly



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a funny thing   Leave a comment

okay maybe it isn’t that funny.

but my eldest sister Carolyn was telling me about this pill she takes for her joints

so I went out and bought a bottle and started taking it.
And it works wonderfully
My knees stopped hurting, my shoulders and neck weren’t aching and I hadn’t taken Tylenol or Aleve in over a week.
What a miracle drug!

it is called Glucosamine/Chondroitin  and it works wonderfully!

Only problem was, I was getting really bad stomach aches.
Feeling bloated and nausea and just not feeling well.

So last night I got home and got online to see if there were any side effects to this drug.
Sure enough, gas, bloated, nausea and headaches   are side effects of this wonderful drug.

Talk about put a damper on my enthusiasm

My husband suggested maybe just taking half a dose and I may try that.
I would however like to get this stomach ache gone first.

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chasing after that rainbow   Leave a comment

this is how I would describe me.
constantly chasing after that rainbow.

chasing after a dream…….

my sister Kathy told me once a while back that I must be running from something if I always want to be on vacation.
and at the time I thought ‘what do you know?”

but I think she may have hit on something.
I am always looking to the future, wanting to have this or that.

go here or there…..always searching….

when the person I am is standing right here…..

I went on three vacations last year, and I have one planned for this year.
Only one.
The reason for that is I need to start saving some money.
Rick will be retiring soon and I just need to learn to stop spending on every book or blouse or whatever I want.

But I do find myself to be a dreamer.
I am quite a lot like my mother was in that way.

Maybe I always will be?

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stomach ache   Leave a comment


I don’t feel so well.
I literally feel like I could puke.
my stomach aches and I just feel really off.
I am at work, but wish I was home.

oh well……I will try and toughen it out.
I am here, and I may as well make the best of it.


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Aaron   Leave a comment

Our precious grandson is sitting here in his high chair coloring

he is so dang adorable.

I am drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast and he would rather have it then his cereal and banana.
So I am sharing and he is drinking that and a bit of his banana but has no interest in the cereal at all.

Aaron loves trains and one just blew their whistle and I look at him and he looks at me and smiles and says “Choo Choo!”  And I smile and say “Do you hear the choo choo train?”  and he just grins.

then he says to his papa “Papa! Choo Choo!”

he is so wonderful.
now he and his papa are going to go brush their teeth.
Coloring is done for a while.
I so love being Nana.

   (and yes he is a big time, thumb sucker)

I thank God daily for my wonderful grandchildren.

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Paula   1 comment

I got to see Paula today.

she looks wonderful, so completely happy and content with who she is.
It is so great to see.

I haven’t seen her in over two years and I have to say just looking at her made me proud, that she is my child.
She radiates with a self-assurance that is just so nice to see.

It was a great few hours just being in the same room with her.

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my thoughts for you today   Leave a comment

may your heart be filled with gladness

may you always find the way

may you look upon the heavenly skies

and smile and praise our King this day

may you remember where you came from

may your choices all be true

may you love like you want to be loved

and show the ones you love, how much they mean to you

may you always have a kind heart

a loving word, a helping hand

may you always praise the Lord

In his son Jesus’ name I pray


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thoughts for the day……..   Leave a comment

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I wish   Leave a comment

I wish I was this turtle, heading out to sea.
I wish I was basking in the sun

with you right next to me

I love the ocean breezes

I love you next to me


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softly   Leave a comment

the heart beats

the eyes widen with delight

the soft whisper of you

as the bodies entwine

it’s home and it’s wonderful

it’s a feather like  touch

it’s an incredible high

it’s wonderful

and beautiful


it’s simply us.

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