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Oscar I hope…………..   Leave a comment

this man is long over due for winning the Oscar
I sure hope he does this Sunday night!
My favorite actor
Leonardo DiCaprio!


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Spring Rush at the Subway

fire at Yosemite National Park (Bitterroot National Park)


I love different pictures that tell their own stories.


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it’s beautiful but…………   Leave a comment


yes winter can be beautiful

and I might not even mind it much if it weren’t for these freezing and I do mean freezing cold temperatures.

-14 tonight

that is the temperature.

not even including wind chill.


how I hate this crap

and then we are getting more snow

between 1-7 inches by Monday morning.



winter has become depressing this year………

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February 25th 1980   Leave a comment

33 years ago tomorrow…………on February 25th 1980 I gave birth to my first son.

He was wrinkly and had a bit of a jitteriness about him and he had long fingernails and was very red.
The doctor said Brian had all of these things because he was three weeks over due.

I loved him at first sight and of all my children, he is the most loving.

he has a very good heart and would do anything in the world for me, if he was able.

Happy 33rd Son!
Love you!
me and Brian

Brian and me in Sarasota Florida

Brian and Tonyia

and here he is with his wife Tonyia

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I would like to………….   Leave a comment

I would like to jump a head a month so it is almost April
I miss the sunshine and green grass and trees
not to mention the flowers blooming



I would like to be rich so money issues were never a problem

I would like to be able to help those who are suffering

I would like to find a way to make it all work inside my head and heart.

I know I am a blessed woman and I know I have so many wonderful things and people in my life.
however I am probably always going to be my mother’s daughter and want things………….


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things today   Leave a comment

good visiting with my sister’s yesterday

it seems like time flies when we get together
I left there at five so I sat there visiting for four hours

just amazing how quickly the time does go.

My one sister Cyndi I hadn’t seen since before Christmas so it was good to catch up with her.

Back to work tomorrow.
not thrilled with that but I need the money so I will go


Maybe I will hit up a movie here in a bit since I need to go and get groceries


sure wish this was my sailboat and I was here on the water……….

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weekend plans   Leave a comment

I had Keira, Kayla and Aaron over last night although Aaron and Keira went over to Aaron’s house when it was time for bed.

Kayla just left and I have a sister’s day today in Kalona which I will leave for here in an hour or so.

After I get home from that I will do laundry and have a bum day tomorrow as I don’t plan on going into Iowa City again.

Wish it was warmer out so I could enjoy being outside but that isn’t likely to happen any time soon


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