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Decisions   Leave a comment

should I go or should I stay?
With the money situation I probably should stay, even when I really want to go.
Always the decision of the right thing to do…..

I wish I had a crystal ball so I can see into the future a year from now or two years or five.

I don’t want to be here but obligations make me feel like I must stay…..

I tell myself I will give it a  year…..but will anything change?
probably not……


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long day   Leave a comment

I had to be at work at five thirty this am because there is voting in the district.
I don’t live in this county I just drive to it every day to work.

But I had to be here to have the school opened by six am.

I got here at five twenty and have been on the go for the last hour.

I have one thing left to do for my Tuesday morning chores.

It will be a long day getting here that much earlier.
But I will get paid comp time for it, so….I really have no complaints.

Sunday when Keira got me up at three am, that was a long long day.
All day I kept thinking, man it has to be later then this.
But nope, getting up at three am, definitely makes for a day and a half.

Of course today since I knew I had to be up by four twenty I slept badly.
Always concerned that I won’t hear the alarm.

I’m the same way when we go on vacation.
That first day, especially if we have an early plane to catch, I don’t sleep well for fear I will not hear the alarm.

it is silly really because I always do hear it.

Just a nervous tic in myself ….

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