I love the sun

                                         the warmth of the sun shining down on me the feel of the rays kissing my skin and making it aglow I love the sun. 🙂

trip me up, knock me down

I am a optimist at heart Everything is 95% upbeat and happy and positive to me. I hate it when someone just comes along and bursts my bubble. When someone says ‘NOPE CAN’T Do it like that” that just grates on my last nerve If I want to fly, don’t tell me I can’t fly…

the colors of life

I love the thought of the trees blooming and the grass turning to green. I love how my flowers are starting to bloom with their pretty yellows, blues and reds. I love the thought (and smell) of mowed grass and long summer nights. I love the seasons. Yes winter is my least favorite although it…

31 hours from now

  in 31 hours I will be free.  I will be officially on vacation!! I can’t wait!!! And in 70 hours I will be flying the friendly skies and heading to the beach. 🙂 Life seems pretty great for me right now! Hurry up Friday at three pm! 🙂

today I am the mouse

no doubt about it, today I am the mouse Seems like someone is toying with me. Seems like nothing is going as it should And my sinus headache is back and I am still on the medicine the doctor prescribed me! so annoying! I keep telling myself I am on vacation in a little over…

one of those kind of days

  its one of those days where I would like to be home, snug in comfort in front of a roaring fire and just enjoy my quiet time. I haven’t had any really good down time of late and I feel like days just run into each other with no time for rest. Guess that…

right where I need to be

  I’ve talked about this before, the water calls to me I should have been born a pieces because I definitely love the water. Weather it is a majestic waterfall, or a lake, or a sandy beach. It simply could be a river running through it all……… I crave the water


I hope I get to see dolphins at least once when we venture to Florida. More than once would be awesome, but if it is only once, I will be thrilled

skip a dee do dah…….

skip a dee do dah, skip a dee day….my oh my what a wonderful day…….plenty of sunshine heading my way, skip a dee do dah, skip a dee day   as I always do I look at the screen for a moment or so and try to come up with a title for the blog…


I’m tired today. Not sure exactly why except that I woke up an hour earlier than I normally do. It is Monday morning again, my very least favorite day of the week. I am at work and should get up and get moving, but have no desire or ambition to do so. I wouldn’t say…