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I love the sun   Leave a comment




the warmth of the sun shining down on me
the feel of the rays kissing my skin and making it aglow

I love the sun.

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trip me up, knock me down   Leave a comment

I am a optimist at heart
Everything is 95% upbeat and happy and positive to me.

I hate it when someone just comes along and bursts my bubble.
When someone says ‘NOPE CAN’T Do it like that”

that just grates on my last nerve

If I want to fly, don’t tell me I can’t fly
If I want to leap, don’t warn me I will fall

If I want to soar, let me soar and believe in myself.
Loosen the chains and let me roam free.

Just let me be me…….

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the colors of life   Leave a comment

I love the thought of the trees blooming and the grass turning to green.
I love how my flowers are starting to bloom with their pretty yellows, blues and reds.
I love the thought (and smell) of mowed grass and long summer nights.

I love the seasons.
Yes winter is my least favorite although it does have its beauty too.
I love spring the best, because it is the beginning of everything new and fresh.
I love fall because of the cooler temps and the wonderful colors that come with it.
I love summer too but hate the bugs and the real hot and humid weather.

Still the colors are a promise of a beautiful life

And life is good!

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31 hours from now   Leave a comment


in 31 hours I will be free.  I will be officially on vacation!!
I can’t wait!!!
And in 70 hours I will be flying the friendly skies and heading to the beach.
Life seems pretty great for me right now!
Hurry up Friday at three pm!

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today I am the mouse   Leave a comment

no doubt about it, today I am the mouse

Seems like someone is toying with me.
Seems like nothing is going as it should
And my sinus headache is back and I am still on the medicine the doctor prescribed me!

so annoying!
I keep telling myself I am on vacation in a little over forty-eight hours and off for nine days, but it isn’t helping right now………

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one of those kind of days   Leave a comment

  its one of those days where I would like to be home, snug in comfort in front of a roaring fire and just enjoy my quiet time.
I haven’t had any really good down time of late and I feel like days just run into each other with no time for rest.
Guess that is what grandchildren do for me.
it is supposed to be sunny and middle 40’s today which will be quite nice, but I still long for the comfort of home and a good book to see me through

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right where I need to be   Leave a comment

  I’ve talked about this before, the water calls to me

I should have been born a pieces because I definitely love the water.
Weather it is a majestic waterfall, or a lake, or a sandy beach.
It simply could be a river running through it all………

I crave the water

Posted March 29, 2011 by Marge in ramblings