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This Weather~   Leave a comment

It seems Iowa is quite confused on what season it is in.

The weekend was wonderful with awesome weather and sunny skies.

Yes it rained every day but not enough to upset the beautiful weather we ended up with.
Today it isn’t even going to break seventy.
it is rainy and cool, so cool that I ended up shutting all of the windows in the house.

It is insane.

It is May 28th, these cool days should be over with.

Makes me wonder if we are going to have a cool summer.

Because Mother Nature can’t seem to let go of March weather.


Can’t complain about the weekend weather though.
Just lovely.



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Another Beautiful Day~   Leave a comment

Well we have been blessed with wonderful weather here in Iowa these last few days.

So nice.

It has rained every day but not enough to ruin the day.

The suns shines, the breeze is blowing and one could not ask for anything more.

The bugs are bad but we can’t do anything about that.


Life is good.


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Stuff~   Leave a comment

It is Friday night.Ā  A bit past eight thirty at night.

My grand daughter Kayla is staying over night and she is watching a movie IĀ  bought her “How To Train Your Dragon 3- The Hidden World”Ā  she loves this movie

I took her to it when it was in theaters and she loved it so much.
She has the previous two movies so I bought her this one.

I love doing little things for my grandchildren.


Aaron, Bailey and Ava have their other grandparents coming down from Minnesota this weekend so I won’t see them until Monday.
Which is okay.

I love them dearly but a break will be nice too.

And they deserve time with their other grandparents.

Brian and his wife are going to host the Memorial Day picnic this year which is awesome.

Simply to have it some where else then here is great.

No awesome plans this weekend other than working in my flower gardens and painting the window frames outside.

I hope the weather allows me to be out there and the bugs aren’t too horrific.

I did buy three more flowers to put in my big flower bed.

It seems to have bare spots which annoy me.


Still I have a lot to do outside and no time to do it during the week with watching grandkids and going to ball games.




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I Don’t Know Why~   Leave a comment

I dye my hair about three to four times a year.

When it gets to showing more gray then I want or I get tired of the two tone color.

My hair is naturally a very ugly dish water blonde.

I dye it a lighter color, the color of the sun or maybe not quite that bright.

I dye my hair because it makes me feel younger and believe it or not, it adds some zip to my otherwise straggly hair.

I always pick the same color to dye it.

The last time I dyed it, it came out just exactly as it said on the box that it should.

I dyed it tonight and it is a lot darker.

Not ugly or a terrible color but definitely not the color that the box said it should be.

This happens every third or fourth time I do the dye job.

I don’t know why?
There is nothing different in my hair, no hair spray or any other kind of ingredient that could or would change the color.

It baffles me.

So now my hair is lighter than a dish water blonde but not as light as I thought it was going to be.

I am happy with the color…..

Just makes me wonder…..

hair dye

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As The Saying Goes~   Leave a comment

For those of us who live in Iowa there is a saying that we all know.
It goes like this.

If you don’t like our weather, wait a day and it will change

This week is proof of it.

Monday it was very cold and windy.

So cold that we froze at my grand daughter’s ball game.

Yesterday it was fifty degrees with rain and wind.
It felt like October instead of the middle of May.

Today it was mostly sunny and 78 degrees.

It was an exceptionally beautiful day.

This weather is crazy.

It makes me wonder if we are in for a cooler summer?

The bugs are out though which I detest.

I am covered in bug spray from being at my grand daughter’s baseball game tonight.

The bugs were awful.


The joys of ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.Summer…ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.


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My Grandson~   Leave a comment

My one and only grandson is 9 years old today.

Not sure how that is possible but it is.

He is adorable and I love him immensely but he is a typical boy who doesn’t want any affection of any kind.

I bought him a set of books he wanted and two “Dude Perfect” t- shirts.

He was happy with the gifts.

Aaron 2


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Ahh The Weekend~   Leave a comment

It if finally the weekend.

My week of watching my grandchildren is done and I have my house cleaned again and am now relaxing watching the news.

I love my grandkids more than I love my life but they are trying and tiring.

Miss Ava loves to go everywhere but we were outside and she kept putting mulch and tree seedlings in her mouth.

I kept telling her no no.

Her father said he is slapping her hand now so I did that.
She cried and I felt terrible for doing it but she stopped putting things in her mouth.

She is almost ten months old and she does know what no means.

The weather is supposed to be crappy this weekend which is annoying but alas… is what it is.

My one and only grandson is turning 9 tomorrow so we have his birthday party and then Sunday I am not sure what I will be doing.

I need to work in the yard but I need to scrape the window frames on the outside of the house and repaint them too.


Happy weekend one and all.






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Mother’s Day~   Leave a comment

Today is Mother’s day and I am blessed with my four healthy children and six healthy grandchildren.

It was a good day.
The kids came over bringing food for lunch and we hung out for a few hours.

I got my daughter a dozen yellow roses for Mother’s day and I told her not to get me anything since she got me so much for my birthday.

Matt, my youngest son gave me a scratch off ticket.

Brian gave me a hug and Paula text me that she loved me.

I am blessed.

God has been so very generous to me.

my blessings


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This Weather~   Leave a comment

It has been a very gloomy cold day outside.

The wind chill puts it at thirty degrees.

Insane for May.

It feels like March out there.

But after tomorrow we are supposed to be in the sixties and seventies for the next ten days, and the lows in the fifties.

This is my kind of weather.

There is a small chance of rain on Sunday, Mother’s day but other then that it looks glorious.

My kind of weather.


4th of july too




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Exercising~   Leave a comment

For years, and I do mean years, probably at least thirty years I get myself into a exercising routine and then I up and quit it.

I started one again today.

I walked 15 minutes on my treadmill and while that is such a small amount, it is better than not doing anything at all.

And I tried to walk fast. and by the time I was done my right knee was locking up on me.


I am 58 and so very out of shape.


Yesterday when I was planting flowers and plants I got from my son’s yard, I was sweating profusely and it wore me out.

I am so out of shape.

So today I am going to try to stick to this exercising program.

God willing I will be able to do it.

I am too young to feel this damn old.



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