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what am I about?
Let’s see……I am 57 and a half years old,  a female standing about five foot eleven and weighing fifty pounds more than I should.

I am the mother of four, my eldest Paula is almost 40 and living in Wisconsin, my eldest son is Brian who is almost 38 and he lives in West Liberty Iowa, about three blocks from my home.
My younger son is Matt who is 33 and he and his wife and two daughters live in Wilton Iowa, which is about 12 miles from my home
My youngest daughter is Emily and she is almost 30, and lives about two miles from where I live in West Liberty
I have been married for 37 years and my husband’s name is Rick.
He is 62

I was born and raised in Iowa City Iowa.
I love to travel and spend as much time as possible with my 6 grandchildren, who I have to say are more wonderful than my own children were!
But no it isn’t because they go home with their parents each night….but it is because they are so much like my children and I am older and appreciate them so much more.

I love watching sunrises and sunsets.
I love to write
I love to go for walks and hike and love walking in the rain.

I love the mountains and the oceans.

I love Utah and if I ever moved to another state it would be Utah!


I love to read as well and work in my yard, getting my hands dirty planting my flowers!

I am a very strong believer in walk a mile in my shoes, or I will walk a mile in yours, before I am to be judged or before you judge me.

I am very far from perfect but I strive to be better every day
And above all else, I am a strong believer in God and His son Jesus Christ.
I believe that everything I have, my husband, children and grandchildren are all gifts from God.

I love life, and I love being hugged!

I am one of seven children and we all live in Iowa and Missouri except my one brother who lives in Canada

I am positive and upbeat (my glass is always half full) and I believe that we are all required to live the best life we can live.
We only have one life!
So live it to the fullest!
thanks for coming to read my blog!



Posted August 18, 2009 by Marge

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