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weekend full of family time   Leave a comment

we have had Keira and Kayla since three yesterday afternoon

and we are having our annual Labor Day picnic today instead of tomorrow so that the kids can all have a day of rest before going back to work on Tuesday

Tomorrow I have no plans

But that is fine.
It can be a bum day

I LOVE family time.
The only way it would be better is if Paula was back too, but she is busy and can’t make it.

the family

the six of us last year.




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Needing to learn to keep my big mouth shut   Leave a comment

I’m pretty sure I have written about this before.
I really do need to learn to keep my mouth shut

I pissed off my daughter who seems to always be nagging on her four year old son.
She get’s upset with him and I say “Emily he is a healthy boy” or “Mom he is just playing” or whatever and then Aaron does what he wants.
So I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut where her mothering skills are concerned

I do think she needs to be a hell of a lot more patient then she is………

but I wasn’t a perfect mother either so……………..


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Hello   1 comment

seems like it has been a few days since I wrote a blog

no reason other then I never made it up to my den to get on the computer and write one.

I have had the writing bug for two days but alas it has left me again

let me tell you it was fantastic when it was here.
I so love to write stories.

unfortunately the ability to, gets further and further away


Had Emily and her family over for supper

that was nice

Aaron was his ornery self and Bailey slept most of the time.

she has a wonderful family

but I do hope she and Adam get married one day

Life is pretty much the same old thing.

one more day and then a three day weekend which makes me super excited.

and in two weeks from tomorrow we will be flying to Arizona for a week

so that will be great



I’m quite anxious to see the Grand Canyon and go back to Utah.


we still might drive to Florida over winter break too so that I can see my sister

Oh and enjoy the sand and beach too.



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stormy weather   Leave a comment

we have had some really cool storms this morning.

Lightening and thunder and the much needed rain.

It is hot and humid out and as soon as that sun comes out it will be down right miserable.

but it is so nice to have it rain.
We went almost a month here in Iowa without rain.


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if only   Leave a comment

house I want

I found a house in the country I would like to buy

If only I had $20,000 for a down payment

darn it.
it would be perfect

Just out side of town on a hard surfaced road with almost three acres of land

damn, why can’t I be rich?


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enrichment   1 comment

I have come to realize I need to look for some enrichment in my life.

I can’t depend on my grandchildren to sustain me indefinitely

the older two no longer want hugs and kisses, and while the five year old loves to hug me and have me hug her, my grandson doesn’t want hugs and kisses and Bailey is too young to know what she wants yet.

still I need to find something to motivate me outside of my grandchildren

a new project

A new hobby.

I wish I could write.
I want to, the only problem is from my brain to my fingers it gets lost in translation.

it is annoying as hell.

lately I have been reading a bit more……….but still that just makes me want to write more………….


3rd street in WL

I do long for fall and cooler temps though.


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counting my blessings and other things   Leave a comment

had a very brief visit with my newest grand daughter this afternoon

I say brief because it may have been all of thirty minutes.

she is making her mama anxious by being up at night and sleeping all day
SO I offered to have her over night on Friday night so mama could sleep

I doubt Emily will give her up for the night but I could be wrong.

I am very blessed with my five beautiful grandchildren

I do know that.

I am however down about my job and this stupid humidity.

we have an exceptional summer and then school starts and it is hotter than hell again.


I hate it.

of course in all honesty I just want to be done with working and no longer be obligated to show up for a job that requires me to clean constantly so that someone can come in behind me and mess it all up again.


but I love being Nana and I do enjoy my vacations so I guess I should just quite complaining right?

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Welcome to the world……………   Leave a comment

My fourth grand daughter was born on Friday August 15th at 2:07 pm, weighing in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces and she is 20 inches long.
They named her Bailey

She is adorably sweet and big brother Aaron loves her so much already………..


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crying in pain   1 comment

I am in physical pain.

literally in pain

every time I move my legs just cringe with pain

after carrying furniture from first floor to third floor dozens of times over five hours without a break and carrying old furniture from third floor to first, my entire body is screaming with pain.

I have never been so exhausted.

just going from standing to sitting or sitting to standing my thighs and calves are crying.



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Robin Williams   Leave a comment


Although this man wasn’t my favorite actor, and it doesn’t pain me that he has passed away like when Paul Walker died.
Robin Williams was a very good actor and a very funny man.

It is sad that he was so unhappy with life that he had to end his

but I don’t pretend to understand why people get so down and depressed

it really is a disease

RIP Robin Williams and thanks for all the laughs.



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