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Two months from today   Leave a comment

airplaneTwo months from today I will be in Daytona Beach again

I can’t wait

We fly down on April 28th and fly home on May 6th

I am really looking forward to it




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The Great Alone   Leave a comment

I just finished the above titled book

It was a good novel.

Wish I could write that well

My sister Kathy can, but she doesn’t believe she is that good

She is and could get published and make decent money at it, but she doesn’t think so


The book takes place in Alaska for 80% of the book

Some place I hope to visit one day



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Happy Birthday Son   Leave a comment

I am a day late as my eldest sons birthday was yesterday

He turned 37

I am amazed that my children are getting so old

My eldest daughter will be 39 in 9 days!

How the hell did that happen?

Amazing how time flies so quickly.

Anyway life goes on




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My Childhood~   Leave a comment

I was typing a letter to my eldest sister a bit ago and found a beginning of a story I am writing about my childhood.

It is maybe six pages long (typed) and had barely captured the first ten years of my life.

It was good and fun to read but a lot of work needs put in it and of course I have a lifetime of events that have happened since I was ten.

I so wish I could write and write well.

It alludes me more often than not.

I will keep trying, keep plugging away but that usually causes blunt forced writing that isn’t any good.

Still I will keep on trying.

I had a wonderful childhood.

Fabulous memories and events to share……

God willing I will get them all written down one day.


writing two

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Work~   Leave a comment

So this is my weekend to work.

I am working the two pm to ten pm shift due to two of our coworkers moving over to the nursing home side to work.

I haven’t worked this shift in two months so it was nice to see all of the residents.

I work when they sleep so this is a nice change.

I do however realize how much I prefer third shift.
Simply because it takes up most of my day to work second shift.

I don’t like it.

I prefer third.

I know that is the exact opposite I said last week.

And I know I sleep when other people are working but I still find I like third better.
it fits my life better.

I go back to third on Wednesday and work that night, and Thursday and Friday nights.

Then I am off next weekend.


Until someone else gets hired I will have to work second shift on my weekends.


Hopefully someone will get hired soon.






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Michael Jackson~   Leave a comment

My grandchildren love Michael Jackson.
Especially the three year old.

Every time she comes to our house we play “you tube” videos of Michael Jackson

Her favorites are “Beat It’ and “Billy Jean”

Of course she likes other singers too but Michael Jackson is her favorite.

My nine year old grand daughter loves him too and I bought her this cd for her birthday last November.


She and Bailey, my three year old grand daughter have both said “Nana I wish Michael Jackson was still alive so I could go see him in concert”

I love how they love older music.



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Work out~   Leave a comment

I came home from work at six ten this morning and shoveled our driveway and sidewalk.

It took me about thirty minutes and brought back a lot of memories of shoveling snow at the various schools the last sixteen years.

Man am I glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

Still it was a nice fluffy snow so……it wasn’t that hard.

Now I am freshly bathed and tired.

May have to get a nap in…..



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Snowing~   Leave a comment


It is snowing and I love it.

I love winter.




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Frustration~   Leave a comment

I am frustrated beyond belief.

I have three I pads for my grandchildren.

Well about four months ago the big black one quit working stating it couldn’t connect to a internet.

Everything I can think of doing I have done as has my son who can usually fix anything computer related.

Now last week my youngest grand daughter did something to the small white I pad and it says I have to login.

Only problem is my login doesn’t work.

It annoys me to no end

I have the right log in name and password but it refuses to let me do it.



Now I am down to one I pad for four grandkids.

So damn frustrating.

I pads

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Life As I Know It~   Leave a comment

Well here it is Tuesday morning.

We got about five inches of snow yesterday and it sure looked pretty coming down.

I had Aaron and Bailey yesterday.

Aaron got out of school early due to the weather so it was a nice change to have them both during the day.

I work the next four nights.

Ugh I dread it.

Not the work per say but the babysitting the building over night with little to nothing to do.

I call it babysitting the building because I don’t or rarely ever have anything to do with the residents.

They are all sleeping and I don’t interact with them.

Or rarely interact with them.

So I feel like I am just there to clean and babysit the building .

It is easy money and I shouldn’t complain I suppose.

Still it is hard on my body to be up nights and try to sleep during the day.


It is almost five am.

I was up at three thirty.
I was in bed before eight so I suppose seven hours is considered enough sleep.


I will have to get a nap in later before I work tonight.

I shouldn’t have the grandkids today so I have a day to fill with doing what?
I can’t go anywhere because I am trying not to spend money….

I could do laundry and clean some…..

I work on puzzles during the winter months and I barely started one last night so I can work on that too….

And there is always reading and watching TV.

Still I feel like I do the latter two at night at work so ……

Ahh life……





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