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Wednesday~   Leave a comment

Well it is finally here.

The last day of the 2016-2017 school year.

I am thrilled.

Now I just have to get through the next eight hours.

I am sure it will be fine.

I envy teachers and their helpers who have the entire summer off.

Damn why did I say I would come back?
I know why, because I need the money but still…..

Ahh well…..I Feel it keeps me in better shape then if I didn’t work here.

I get my two hours of cardio every morning working here.




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Day one of two~   Leave a comment

Today is day one of the last two days before school is out.

It really can’t get here soon enough.

But we are moving to a new school so there is a huge amount of packing that needs done and things needing cleanedย to be ready for the move.

The moving days are June 5th and 6th.

It will be crazy here.

Not looking forward to it at all.




But at least the kids will be gone after tomorrow.




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Family Time~   Leave a comment

We had our three kids over with their families today.

It was a good time.
Paula wasn’t able to make it which is sad but it still was enjoyable with the others.

Emily’s husband Adam sliced open his finger this morning at work and had to go to the emergency room to get five stitches in it.

But other than that it was a great day.
Temps were low seventies with full sunshine and a nice breeze.

It was a great Memorial Day for this family.



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72 degrees but the sun is warm~   Leave a comment

It is a beautiful day in Iowa today.
But that sun is damn hot.

I sat out for a bit and it felt like I was burning.

Love this cool weather though with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky.

Literally beautiful.

Daytona Beach sunrise

It’s not the ocean but it is nice.



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Time~   Leave a comment


Time is fleeting.
This day has flown by.

Luckily I have two more before I have to go back to work, but I can’t understand how fast this day has gone.

I haven’t watched TV, I haven’t cemented myself into a good book, and I haven’t been on the computer so how has this day gone by so fast?
I haven’t a clue.

I’ve just been really busy doing things…..


I can not wait till I can retire…….then every day can be filled with things I love to do……

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Woes~   Leave a comment

My two younger sisters are going through a lot of stressful stuff lately.

Both are besides themselves with worry about this or that.

I wish I could make it easier for both of them.

My life is almost stress free and I wonder why I am so lucky when they struggle so much?

I am not saying my life is perfect because it isn’t.

I could be thinner.

I would love to not have any back or knee pains.

I would love to be married to someone who was romantic and affectionate.

I would love to be rich and I would love to be able to write……..

But I really have no complaints.

So why then do they struggle so much?
Choices they make or what?

I don’t know but I hate to see them struggling and stressing over everything.


As always they are in my prayers~


The three of us in 2011 at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado.



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Dogs~   Leave a comment


About a month ago my son had to put his pug down.

Milo is pictured above.

He was full of cancer.

Well now his basset hound, pictured in the first photo is full of cancer too and he told me last night he will have to put him down in the next week or so.

It makes me very sad.

I wasn’t really fond of Milo but I love Copper.

I adore that dog.

I love him so much I have tried several times to get my son to give Copper to me.

But alas….he is going to go to dog heaven to be with Milo.

They were best buds who loved each other.
You could always tell by the way they stuck together.
And Copper would always wait for Milo to catch up to him, when Milo got slow and old.

I love dogs.

But I hate when they have to die.


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Packing up~   Leave a comment

Well here we are on our Thursday.
The last Thursday of the 2016-2017 school year.

I have been packing away stuff for safe keeping.

I will take most of it home with me but some I will take to the Roosevelt to use there as I clean.

I honestly can’t wait to get started there.

I will have only eleven weeks to clean it and I want to get started.


Counting today four more days of brats here at school.

Counting today I only have four more days to get up at three thirty or four am to get to school and clean.

Once summer begins I can sleepย  till five or even five fifteen and get to work by six.

Love the thought of that.


nothing ever goes away





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A Disgusting Human Being~   Leave a comment

I often refer to my night custodian as a piece of shit.

Because he is the laziest grossest person around.

He does barely does his job and never anything more.

For instance, we get science kits four times a year and a lot of them have to go to third floor.

If I tell him before I leave, “You can start doing the science kits”
He will do all of first floor and part of second but leave the heavy third floor kits for me.

I have never in my life met a man who leaves the hard work for a woman.

He just is a creep all the way around.

He leaves messes in the break room for me and he just is a gross human.

He coughs and never covers his mouth.
I tell him too and he does for a second or so and then goes back to not.

He sits at our computer waiting to punch in picking his nose.

He has left messes all over the school that are his job to clean but he doesn’t do it.

For instance a while back a child used his feces and covered a wall, a floor board and the floor with it.

Steve cleaned the wall and left the floor and floor board.

It was disgusting.

It was his job to do and it happened after I left for the day otherwise I would have done it myself.


His excuse when called on it was that he didn’t see it.


This morning I see a mess on the third floor rug, his area to clean, with what looks like someone dropped a piece of cake and then ground it in the carpet with their shoe.

It hasn’t been cleaned up.

I will leave it for him to do tonight.

He just is so damn lazy.


But the thing that pisses me off the most is that I had a sub schedule on the wall above our computer.

It has been there for months as we are required to have something in writing for whom ever comes to sub for us.

Well Monday I looked at it and it was fine.

Yesterday morning I come in and there are buggers all over it.

No one, and I do mean NO ONE comes into our office but him and I.

So it had to be him that did it.

I told my husband yesterday morning that I fucking hate this guy.

I literally can not stand him.

And while I don’t want him dead I just want to never have to see him or deal with him ever again.

God willing that will be soon.

He is retiring and will be done on June 30th.

Hopefully I won’t ever have to see himย  again after May 31st.

A week from now.

God willing.

And I won’t even go into the sexual innuendos that he says about my grandchildren.

Just a worthless piece of shit.











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Memory Loss~   Leave a comment

I had the weirdest dream last night.

I dreamt I was losing my memory.

That I didn’t know who I was or who my family was or where I was.

It was a weird dream.

And I woke up thinking “Is this supposed to mean something?”

I was the age that I am now 56, and I remember being on a train and not knowing anyone and getting lost and my daughter Emily had to come and find me.

It was crowded and she was walking really fast and I lost sight of her again so I was back to being lost again.

People everywhere and I felt so alone and lost.

Don’t know what makes me dream the things I dream.



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