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somewhere over the rainbow….   Leave a comment

some where over the rainbow….. blue birds fly……
it is rainy cats and dogs here.
can’t believe it.
of course this is better than snow although they are talking about snow on Sunday evening.
doubt if it would stick since it is and has been fairly warm of late.
Way above average that is for sure….
so it wouldn’t stick….however I’m not ready for snow….

anyway as I think about my beautifully colored rainbow I think of how great life is and how thankful I am for all my blessings.


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God awful dream   Leave a comment

it was more of a nightmare really.
I dreamt my precious Keira died.
I don’t remember the exact details only that she got a head injury and passed away.
It was so real and I woke up thinking “I wouldn’t want to live without her in my world”
And then while I was bathing I thought “well I do have two other grand daughters and a baby on the way for my youngest child, so there is that”
But I just adore my precious Keira.
Not that I don’t adore the others too because I do.
I don’t know what would possess me to dream something so awful.
I have dreamt before that my husband has died or my brother-in-law, but never a child of mine or a grand child.
Hope to God this isn’t an omen.
I just couldn’t handle it very well to lose my Keira.

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changed plans   Leave a comment

no vacation for me this year, our plans got changed.
Guess we are moving instead.
And while some of you may be thinking, so take the vacation and then come back and move…..I just can’t justify spending the money to vacation when we have things involving moving that will take money too.
So….starting on Thanksgiving day we will start moving back to our other house.
No my son and his wife and daughters aren’t moving out right away.
The idea is to live together so they can save money (cut their bills in half and not charge them rent) so they will be able to move.
not sure what the time limit is or even if we should set one.
I do know they don’t want their daughters to go to the school district in our town, so…that gives them roughly eighteen months to save money for the move.
hope we can all live together in harmony for that long.
And while yes I am disappointed about not having a vacation… me this is more of a common sense thing…AND I have the next eleven days off after tomorrow… I can get a lot of moving, if not all of the moving done by then.
Plus the east coast isn’t going anywhere.

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