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those best laid plans   Leave a comment

you know how you make plains and then they get changed?
that is what happened with me today.
I had every intention of spending the day in my home, a quiet day to just read and write (if I was able to) and just enjoy some down time.
But my daughter in law and two grand girls were here for the day.
they just left ten minutes ago.

so they were here for almost eight hours.
don’t get me wrong, I love having them here, but my best laid plans just got thrown out the window because they were here.
I love my grand children more than I love my own life… I am not complaining.
It is just Sunday night, and another work week begins in the morning.


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rolling with the flow   Leave a comment

this is my new motto


an old Charlie Rich tune about just letting it all flow through me, and just keep on rolling.
Sounds heavenly.
YouTube – Charlie Rich – “Rollin With the Flow”

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mom's pics 3 207my baby girl is one today.
She is here with me playing with the doll house and is quite content just to be here.
I love her dearly.
She walks now and says a few words, “Hi” “Mama” “Dada” “Nana” and “Uh oh”

she is incredibly precious and I adore her.
Her parents had her birthday party last night and when I went to leave Kayla cried and cried.
I felt awful but I am assuming she got over it shortly after I left.
mom's pics 3 220

mom's pics 3 004

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