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dinner with my sisters and niece   Leave a comment

had dinner with my two of my sisters and one of my nieces.
It was enjoyable.
Learned my niece is getting divorced which saddens me but she has to do what is important to her.
Being true to herself….

now I have the grand girls for a while which is always a wonderful good time.


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I’m thinking……   Leave a comment

maybe this is where I need to be heading here in a week…..some beach some where……
I want to go to Tennessee and maybe go on through to the Carolinas and to the beach.
That sounds rather nice right now.

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dieting   Leave a comment

okay, I have been off pop for almost 14 weeks now and I haven’t lost a single pound.
Quite frustrating.
And no I haven’t replaced the pop with anything else.
I drink water and allow myself one glass of ice tea, with sugar once a day.
and even then I don’t always drink ice tea every day.
But if I want something with sugar that is what it is.
I drink skim milk and water
so why haven’t I lost anything?

I know why, because I don’t exercise.
I try and immediately my hips and back start hurting.
it is for the birds.
I know I need to get into my doctor and tell her about it so I can figure out why just walking hurts.
But dang it, I would like to avoid that if at all possible.

and while we are on the subject of doctors… hands have been bugging me.
They ache, from my wrist to the tip of my fingers and thumb.
I can only imagine it is arthritis but it kept me up last night because they hurt so badly.

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