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Thanksgiving Day   Leave a comment

while every one is gathering with their family and friends to be joyful and enjoy the good cooking and great food I will be moving.
Now doesn’t that sound fun?
instead of taking our eleven day vacation we are going to be moving.

now don’t feel sorry for me, because I was invited to my sisters in Missouri to eat and enjoy the good company there, but I felt it was better to stick close to home and get the moving done.

Thanksgiving will come around next year again and while my children are all off to their spouses or significant others each and every year I’m sure my hubby and I will find somewhere to go, next year.

I do hope everyone reading this will have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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busy day   Leave a comment

it will be a busy day today.
not sure if I should have titled the message “I’m here but not really here” or just “busy day” simply because I am here but I will be so busy there won’t be time for the computer today.
I may write again on my lunch break but then again I might not.
I have a list of things that will fill up this day.
Right now it looks daunting and I’m not sure I will get it done, but….I usually do get everything done when I set my mind to it.

Anyway…hope every one has a good “Hump day” and I will catch you later

Posted November 25, 2009 by Marge in ramblings