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beautiful day in Iowa   Leave a comment

It is 71 out and an incredibly beautiful day.
Can’t believe how nice it is out.
So warm and full sunshine.
I had every intention to spend the better part of my day outside but then we had the grand daughters last night and the plans all went down hill from there.
I have been up since five with Kayla, she lay there and tossed and turned off and on until six when we finally got up.
Keira got up at six thirty.
So I’m tired since I never sleep well with them in bed with me.

anyway we went to Iowa City and just now got home.
I should go out and work in the yard but we have a birthday party at six and I’m rather thinking….ahh do I really want to get dirty just to have to get cleaned up all over again to go to the birthday party?

So it is hard telling what I will do.

Still it is a wonderfully beautiful day out in Iowa today.
The Lord has blessed us with a warm kiss.


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