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A year on the Ladybug Farm   Leave a comment

My sister gave me the above titled book and I am over half way through it.
She really liked it and while I do like it, I find it very discouraging too.
So much goes wrong!
And it is all so overwhelming that I find it hard to finish at times.
Kind of reminds me of life in many ways how you save money for one thing only to have something else go wrong so that takes up the money you had previously saved.
I’m not saying it is a terrible book.
The writer writes well enough that the picture is right there for me to see quite clearly.
I just think it is all kind of discouraging.

Yes I will finish it and maybe have a different opinion at the end, but…..right now I’m thinking……all that money invested for what?

to be continued……….

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this is a test   Leave a comment

this is a test, this is only a test and the test failed.
Odd to me, I wrote a blog about Mt. Everest probably close to a year ago now and about how much I would love to be able to see that mountain.
on my other blog site it gets the most hits every day.
So I wrote one on this site and it doesn’t get touched.
Isn’t that strange?
Or at least it is strange to me.
I wonder what the difference is.
Or even if there is a difference?
I have googled “Mt Everest” and I don’t see my blog site any where so I have to wonder… do people get to my site?

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Monday   Leave a comment

well here we are sitting on another Monday.
They sure do come around quickly.

I have my son and his family home safe and sound from Wisconsin, thank you Lord.
And everyone is happy and healthy so…life is good.

I don’t even mind it being a Monday.
Well if I was honest I would prefer to be home then to be here, but if I want to live and be able to take vacations when I want to, then I guess….I must work.

Hope everyone reading this has a great Monday.

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