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oops I forgot to mention yesterday that my baby sister turned 45 yesterday.
I talked to her today and she finds it hard to believe that she is already 45 but …time flies as we all know.
She spent the day at her eldest sons swim meet and today she is meeting a friend for lunch who’s birthday happens to be today.

She lives about three hours away and I never get to see her often enough but….I love talking to her and spending time with her when ever I can.
So happy birthday little sis!


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had the grand daughters for about four hours today.
loved it as always.
Keira was extremely talkative and always asking “Why?” and Kayla was her adorable self and into everything.
She is starting to bite sometimes though and if you tell her no, she does this fake crying thing, like you broke her heart.
I so love being a grandmother.

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this is a short work week for most people due to the holiday.
I work three days and the kids are in school for two of those days.
the third day I can spend cleaning the school so it will be all nice and clean for the kids to come back the following week to make it all messy again.
Ahh job security right?
And then as you know if you are a faithful reader that I am off from the 26th through the 6th.

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