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it is hard to believe it is November 1st already.
Where does the time go?
I don’t have a clue.
My mother in law told me many years ago that time goes by much quicker when you are older, and she is right.
it does.
Of course she isn’t alive any more but I do occasionally think of her and most of the time it is fondly.
My father in law would have had a birthday this month.
As well as two of my three granddaughters and my youngest sister.
Odd to think that in two months we will be starting the year, 2010

man does time fly

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did you remember day light savings time?   Leave a comment

who remembered and who forgot?
I reminded my daughter who has to be at work at six.
I told her don’t forget or you will get to work an hour earlier then you are supposed to.
She said she wouldn’t forget, so hopefully she didn’t.
I go around the night before I go to bed and change the clocks.
I went to bed at ten, the old-time but turning the clock back said I went to bed at nine.
Which is fine.
When I have the girls I like to be sleeping as much as possible when they are in case one of them wakes up during the night and won’t go back to sleep.
But I have been lucky these last two weeks because they have slept all night.
Knock on wood

any way those of you who had to be at work bright and early this morning I hope you remembered to turn the clocks back!

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Sunday morning already!   Leave a comment

hard to believe that it is Sunday morning already.
Don’t know where yesterday went.
Well I do but jesh it goes by so quickly.

My husband and I went to the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” and while it was good, it was quite violent in places too.

And then we got our grand daughters at seven so…that took up the rest of the night.
I did write a lot yesterday too, so that took care of the day.

Not sure what we are going today, except watching the girls.
Hard to say when their parents will be around to get them.

I do have laundry to do again to start the week and I need to go and get gas for my car, but other than that, it will probably be another bum day.
Which is okay too.
If I don’t go anywhere I don’t spend any money

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my girls   Leave a comment

I have my girls, and although this will say it is November 1st, it still is the 31st.
Both girls were asleep before nine thirty and I am going to head to bed soon because knowing they are asleep this early can only mean they will be waking up early.

We have had a good night although Keira has been rather fussy tonight.
It still is wonderfully great to have them and enjoy them with our one on one time.
I so love being Nana to these beautiful babies.

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