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So thrilled!!!!   Leave a comment

I  finally am able to get back on to my old blog site.
it was/is titled womanofroyce.wordpress

so if you are interested at all in anything I have written before August 16th of this year and the two years before this, please visit my site there.

I can’t tell you how upset and almost heartbroken I was when I forgot the password.
but I am thrilled to finally be back there!!!
I will probably write more on this site then that one, simply because I have a new partnership here and I don’t want to lose that.
But I will write on the other one too.
Thanks for reading


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CMA awards show   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here watching the CMA’s on channel 9 and while most of it is pretty good I have to say one thing
Taylor Swift’s opening act was incredibly stupid and a total waste of time.
That is not country so I’m not sure what she was trying to prove.

AND to top that she is up for Entertainer of the Year and if she wins it,  I will throw something at the TV.
Don’t get me wrong, the girl has a lot of talent and she is as cute as a button BUT please, Entertainer of the year?
She hasn’t paid enough dues to even be nominated let alone win it.

I just don’t understand how anyone could think she should even be in the running.

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oldies   Leave a comment

I love listening to oldies.
Love it so much that it is my favorite type of music.
I love old time rock and roll
I love old movies songs
I love old country music.
I love listening to music that my mother loved.
I actually let it take me down memory lane to when I was a child and what was going on in my life a the time of this song or that song.
Unfortunately for me I can’t get a good local station on the radio of oldies.
yes I listen to 100.7 but they don’t always play all the songs I like AND they tend to play the same songs over and over.

At any rate, as I sit at work every day I listen to songs on U-Tube and listen to songs that remind me of yesteryear!

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ugh   Leave a comment

That is the only word I know to use on how I feel today.
Not even sure if it is a word???
My boss just passed me in the library and I said “Good Morning” and she said “how are you?”  and I answered “ugh, I’m here”
can’t expect much more than that from me today.
Just putting in my time, so I can go home.
no more or no less from me but the bare necessities from me  today.

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Not buying it   Leave a comment

You hear all over the news about the H1N1 epidemic and I think it is all a crock.
The doctors don’t even see the patients, they just go by what the person says is wrong with them and say “Oh you have H1N1!”
it is stupid.
Right now I have aches and pains all over my body and I am betting if I called the doctor they would say “You have H1N1!”

I just am not buying it that everyone has it.
Case in point.
MY daughter is three and a half months pregnant, and she got the flu about a month ago.
Mercy Hospital here in Iowa City didn’t see her but said she had H1N1 and treated her for it.
Well we went to her OB/GYN appointment ten days ago and her OB doctor said it was highly unlikely that she actually had H1N1 because by her symptoms she wasn’t sick enough!

I think it is insane that the doctors don’t even see a patient.
What’s to say the person is lying and just wants time off of work?
So they call their doctor and fake being ill and automatically get off of work because over the phone they have H1N1!

I honestly think the media and doctors have blown this way out of control.

NOT to say there aren’t some people who do actually have this flu.
But I am betting it isn’t nearly as many people as they say it is.
I bet not even half of those who have been told they have it, actually have it.

but that is just my opinion.

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Happy Birthday Abe   Leave a comment

My father in law would have been 80 today if he was still alive.
He died when he was 68.

He wasn’t in good health when he had a heart attack on a Monday morning  in March of 1998 and then a severe heart attack on Wednesday afternoon, he never woke up after the second one.

He died that weekend and while I wasn’t really close to him, it devastated my kids and my husband.

To this day I can tell when my husband is sitting there thinking  of his father.
AND he is so much like him in so many ways.
Almost canny in a sense.

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