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why do people quit writing?
Why do they start blogs and then decide that they no longer want or need to write?

My sister-in-law just decided she isn’t writing any longer, my brother decided a while back that he wasn’t going to write, and while he is writing again it isn’t as often as he once did.
and now another person I was reading rather faithfully (daily) has decided he isn’t writing any longer.

Irks me if you want to know the truth.
How dare these people just up and quit on me?
I don’t understand it but I do know I will miss reading them.

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oddest thing   Leave a comment

well I am back on my own laptop the oddest thing is all I had to do was take out the battery and plug it into the wall and it works.
Now why didn’t I think of that before????

but it is wonderful to have my own computer back!!

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every day, usually more then once a day I talk to my Lord.
I thank Him daily for my health, for my husband’s health and those of my children and their spouses or significant others.
I thank Him for my three beautiful healthy grand daughters and for the baby on the way.
I thank Him for our jobs and our ability to work and I thank Him for seeing my children and their families home safely every day.
I thank God for my life and the wisdom to know that I need Him in my life.
I also pray for my sisters and brother and thank Him for taking care of them every day so that they may rise up again the next morning and be able to live another day.
I pray for those who have lost loved ones through murder, suicide, disease and war
I pray for those who don’t know God like I do.
I pray for the wisdom to keep making good choices that keep me on the path to Christianity
I pray for all of those who suffer needlessly through the hands of someone else

And while I say these prayers every night before I go to sleep and sometimes in the mornings before I even get out of bed, I feel incredibly sad that some people don’t know the Lord or don’t believe in Him.
I know someone who suffers with her life.
She is very unhappy and has even told me she has given up on the Lord, because if He was listening to her she wouldn’t be having to suffer in this life day after day and year after year.
I just can’t imagine giving up on the Lord.
He is the reason I am the person I am today.
Through Him all things are possible, without Him I would be on a small raft floating around in the sea, completely lost and disoriented.
It saddens me greatly that people either don’t believe in God or have given up on Him because they believe He isn’t answering their prayers.

I feel at a loss and I have even asked my Lord to use me as an instrument if it is His will to help bring others to Him.
so far it hasn’t been His will and maybe it never will be.
And maybe I am flattering myself in thinking I can be of some assistance to God.

But I do pray and I do believe that God has the bigger picture of life and He and only He knows what is in store for all of us.
Because we have shoved God and prayer out of the schools and people have just fogotten God, our world OUR COUNTRY is turning to hell.
And that is incredibly sad to me.

So look out for us all Dear Lord and help us all turn to you and remember that without you there is nothing
It is in your son Jesus’ name that I pray

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