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My husband, oldest son and I went to “2012” this afternoon and while it wasn’t that great, quite unbelievable for the most part, it was great as far as the special affects were concerned

it does make a person think…..what would a person do if this was going to happen?
Die most likely.

Anyway if you like special affects you will like this movie


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I don’t get it…so I really need someone to explain this to me.
Why are we now talking about trying and convicting the six men who are suppose to be responsible for 911 eight years later?
I don’t understand?????
What makes right now and better then say seven years ago?
Or however long it takes the law system to get their act in gear and go to trial with this?

I really don’t understand.
It baffles me and I would like someone to explain it to me.

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ugh, I can’t get on to my work email account.
Totally irritates me.
One would think I would be use to this by now but I’m not.
It royally annoys me when things like this happen.
Darn it.

on another note I don’t have my grand daughters this weekend and I miss them already.
I can only assume we will see them tomorrow afternoon when they get back from Wisconsin

but it will be a strange quiet weekend with them here.

Happy Saturday!

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