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I am so ready to get this moving thing over with.
I was all energized yesterday to start moving things over to the attic over there and get things prepared for the move.
Unfortunately I can’t move for another six and a half months
I hate the waiting.
I have never been a patient person to begin with but I just want things back to the way they are supposed to be.

I was in the house yesterday looking around and OH MY GOD, the cleaning I need to do before I can even begin to move back.
I will need at least a week off of work for the moving if not longer.
It is incredible all that needs done.
And then of course once I get moved I will have to clean the house we are living in.
I know what you are thinking dear reader, you are thinking…..what are you worrying about this now for?
But it is like a dark cloud over my head….and I can’t let it go, knowing it is looming over me.
I hate the thought of my grand daughters moving further away from me, but I will be very happy to have this move behind me.


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Monday again   Leave a comment

I swear this day comes around more than once a week, and even though I Know it doesn’t, it sure feels like it does.
I put in for having November 30th through December 4th off, but it hasn’t been approved yet so I am guessing it won’t be.
I need a vacation, even if I don’t go anywhere I still need a vacation.
Tired of working.
I know I know, quit whining already right?

the weekend was beautiful
I am guessing the last hurrah before winter begins.
one couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend.
I just feel sorry for those who had to work who had to miss out on it.
My sister and son especially.

Well I am off to begin another work week.
Wish me luck.
The back hurts and that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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