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I was just talking to a friend of mine about my wanderlust and how badly I need a vacation or two every year to settle the stirrings inside of me to travel.
And I forgot to mention to her this place right here.
Mt. Everest.
I may never be in the physical shape it would take to climb this mountain but I definitely want to stand at the bottom of it one day and look up at her.



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In the heart of it all   Leave a comment

when push comes to shove and there is a bottom line of what is important to someone and what isn’t…..what does that mean for you?

in the heart of it all……what do you rank most important?
What does it for you?
What exactly makes you get up every morning and begin a new day and makes you willing to push along at whatever rate of speed necessary….to make it through to another ending to another day?

For me it is my family and My God.
Without God I would have nothing and I would be a row boat drifting in the open sea.
With God I have this amazing family that just is the center of my very being.
Every day I am so very thankful that we all are healthy and happy.
That we have jobs and are able to make ends meet.
That I have these three incredibly wonderful grand daughters that are all so smart and healthy and happy.
That I get to have another grand child in May.
All gifts from God.

I am thankful for my children all four of them and that at least three of them like me enough to want to have me in their lives.
And I am thankful for a husband who loves me unconditionally.

What more is there in life?
If not God and family?

I hope I never live to find out.
With out my Lord and my family, I wouldn’t want to live.

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ugh, it happened anyway….Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the year on last night’s CMA awards.
Like I wrote previously it isn’t that I don’t think the girl has talent, she does.
BUT….after one year she is suddenly better than all the other people who were nominated for the award?
no way.
I can’t believe she made more money (had more people attending her shows) then Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley.
I just don’t believe it.
So how can they say she is Entertainer of the Year?
Yes she had a lot of number one songs but so do the other two I mentioned above as well as several other people.

I’m just quite disappointed.
And I realize in the big scheme of life it matters very little, but still it irritates me.

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