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well I didn’t get the girls tonight.
Rather disappointed but Keira wanted to stay at her other grandmothers instead so….we didn’t get to have them.
We will be gone on vacation the next two weekends so I don’t know how they will manage, but I’m sure they will.
I will miss them greatly but I know I can’t let my whole world revolve around them.



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this song has been in my head all day.
I love it, it was one of if not the first song Alan Jackson came out with.

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here in five days, Thanksgiving morning actually my husband and I are heading East.
Through Tennessee to the Carolina’s and maybe down to Florida.
we have ten days to go some place and enjoy the beaches and then head home again.
I know we will go through Tennessee, we are heading to St. Louis on Thursday morning and then heading to Tennessee, maybe to Graceland and then head further east…
we are set for the beach and sunshine and warm weather (hopefully)
I would one day like to drive up the east coast the entire way from Florida up to Canada, however I’m not sure my husband will ever do that.
But I am counting down the days until we can be on the road again and head east.

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I hurt my back again.
I tell you, it seems never ending.
Just by moving some boxes around and loading up some tubs and putting them into the garage.
Damn it is so frustrating to have to deal with it.
It seems I hurt myself in one way or another every damn day anymore.
Hate this getting old stuff when it feels like the body is betraying me.
I know I need to go and get a physical because I have a lot of aches and pains all of the time AND I haven’t had a physical for probably five to seven years.
So I know I’m over due.
At any rate…..I’m resting it now (The back) so it will be up for grand daughters later.

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well my weekend has been pretty uneventful so far
Spent time with my oldest son and his daughter last night not really doing much of anything other than watching TV
Got up about an hour ago, had my bath and am now going to work on rearranging furniture and cleaning.
Have a bunch of tubs I want to fill of stuff we will be moving to the other house next spring….and am tired of boxes sitting in my room so I will store them in the garage.
And hope mice won’t get into them
they shouldn’t as long as they tub is secured.

Anyway that is my day until the grand daughters come later and we have them over night.
I have no intention of going anywhere other then maybe Dollar General to a few more tubs if needed.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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