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down in the dumps   Leave a comment

I’m feeling rather blue.
It hit me about ten am this morning and I think it will all be better after tomorrow.
Rather sick of the job this week and dealing with spoiled inconsiderate children.
Oh well one more day right?

I also put myself into a situation that made me rethink a few things about choices I have made in my life and I think  that has something to do with the blues too.

Will I ever learn????

anyway I still want to seriously think about going some place at the end of the month OR at least take the time off of work so I can get a break…..



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feeling like   Leave a comment

I feel like I need a vacation.
Granted I just had one in April but I honestly feel like I can’t wait until next April to have another one.
I need sunshine and warm temps.
I need to be near a beach somewhere looking out into the ocean.
I need ………….

that is what I feel like today, that I Need a vacation……..Daytona_Beach_3

right here seems to be the place I need to be standing.



it’s calling my name…………….

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my achy feels like breaky back   Leave a comment

wow, I am in pain.
Quite a bit of pain.
my hips hurt something awful this morning.
Hurts to walk and to sit and do anything basically.
I suppose I should call the doctor but in doing that,she will have me off of work for at least a week and while my back would probably be grateful for the time off, I hate doing that to my coworkers.
so I am trying to ignore the pain and muttle through the day.

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ways to cut the budget   Leave a comment

I had a meeting yesterday and the boss discussed ways we need to cut the budget.
there are so many ways.
For instance I would get rid of all paper towels in the building, and if not in all the buildings at least in the student bathrooms.
There is no point to them when you have an air dryer right there.
make them use it and forget the paper towels.
I am betting my school alone would save the district 8 to 10,000 a year on paper towels alone.
AND I would get rid of two eight-hour custodians and go down to one.
My night custodian is retiring in a year and a half, I say make him retire early and switch my hours to eleven to seven-thirty OR keep my hours the same and only have someone here at night to work three till seven or something like that.

Or have me work five ten-hour days.
Working eleven till nine pm.
There is no need for two eight-hour custodians

but I’m sure someone would argue with me on that one.
I personally don’t think I need to be here just to unlock the doors and do a bit of cleaning every morning.

I have hours (4) where I can do nothing at all if I choose to do it.

still I doubt anyone would listen to me, I am just a peon after all.

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