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I got up with my girls so their parents could sleep in.
Kayla was up at a few minutes before seven am and Keira got up about twenty minutes ago.
both have eaten breakfast and now are watching cartoons
Kayla wants to help me type and is in here trying to hit the keys on the keyboard every few minutes….but I turn her away or let her sit on my lap while I type one-handed, as I am doing now.
I realized this morning as I was feeding Kayla and having one on one time with her that I will get use to having them in my life every day only to lose them when their parents have enough money saved to move away.
That will be hard for me.
Already in the three days I have been here I am thriving so much on being with them so much
They both truly are extremely precious gifts from God.
I thank Him daily for them.
I am truly a blessed woman.

On a different note I am all but moved with the exception of putting unused furniture in storage and bringing clothes in my closet over to this house and put them in my closet here.
I do need to clean that place too, once everything is out of it.

AND My sister is taking my cat!
I am so thrilled.
I hated the thought of taking her to a shelter if I couldn’t find a home for her.
But my sis is going to take her.
Thank you Kathy!!!

Well I hope everyone has a great Sunday and you are all happy and healthy.
Love Marge


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