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I tend to get really ugly when someone annoys me to the point that I want them away from me.
I want them so far away from me that I just get nasty and hateful.
It isn ‘t a quality I am proud of, but it still is something that is within  me.
however the person who gets the brunt of my ugliness, still comes back with rose colored glasses on and thinks I am  great.


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letting go   Leave a comment

why is it so hard for some people to let go and for others it is so very painful?
I know of someone who just can’t seem to let go of a lost love.
Sometimes I want to shake her and say “Get over it! Dwelling on the wonderful times is just making it harder on you!!!”
But of course I don’t do that.
I just be a sounding board and tell her what she wants to hear.

My honest feeling is, if it was so wonderful, why did he leave?
granted I know it was wonderful for her, but obviously not for him.
So then again it makes me wonder… wonderful could it have actually been?

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saying hello   Leave a comment

you know one of the worst things about people getting divorced is the fact that where once upon a time that person was a member of the family, and with the divorce, he no longer is.
That is hard to take at times.
My niece was married over twelve years to a man named Matt.
Well they divorced and I have seen him twice since they divorced around four years ago.
I wasn’t really close to him but I enjoyed visiting with him when I did see him.
He was a real good bull shitter and was always fun to be around.

But alas, since the divorce he has also been divorced from our family

I talked to his brother on face book earlier today and asked him about Matt and told him to tell Matt hi, next time he talked to him.

Matt comes to my thoughts from time to time and I wonder and hope he is doing well.

My nephew is in the process of divorcing his wife and I have talked to her a time or two on face book too.
It is hard at times to let go of the one who wasn’t an original part of the family but definitely isn’t after a divorce.

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how out of shape am I?   Leave a comment

I just walked down Benton street hill to check the garbage at the end of it, this suddenly became my job a few years ago and the walk down was fine.
The walk back was excruciating.
Talk about out of shape.

I am breathing like I have run ten miles.
It is pathetic.
Or at least it is to me.
Gotta work on getting into shape and eating better.
This is quite sad.

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late to bed, early to rise   Leave a comment

I had to be at work at five thirty this morning to open the building for voting in our school today.
I was here at five because I couldn’t sleep.
I always have this fear that I will not hear the alarm and over sleep and then make every one wait for me.
I hate that.
I couldn’t fall asleep, probably drank some ice tea too late although I was done with it by six.
So I tossed and turned for over an hour after I went to bed.
And then I kept waking up.
Finally at four am I thought, screw this, and just got up.

I have been busy since I got to work.
Amazing what you can get done when you come in an hour earlier then normal.

So needless to say I am tired.
Back still hurts, right hip still burns but I am here at work, with a smile on my face.

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