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I’m at work and while I don’t mind being here so much, I am bored.
There is plenty of cleaning to do but to be honest I have lost my desire to do it because in two minutes a child or two will come along and just trash everything I just cleaned.
One would think “Job security” Right?
but I am so very tired of doing meaningless work…..

if I had the money I would go back to school.
Not sure what I would go back for, but I think I would honestly put forth the effort to try and learn something new.
I’m still strongly considering going back to being a nurses aide.
I love working with the elderly.

but on a different note, I have November 30th through December 2nd off from work, and so that will put me with seven days off, including the holiday and weekend in there.
I would love to go someplace but honestly the pocket-book can’t afford a trip.
So I will work on getting things packed up for the move and hopefully get some reading and writing in there.
Maybe even a bit of one on one time with my grand daughters.

I may also go visit my sister in Missouri.

If she is interested in a visit from me, that is.

Who knows what I will do???
It is a few weeks away so…there is no point in thinking about it now.

My husband is off tomorrow for Veteran’s day.
I kind of think it is silly to have that day off, but it is a government job so they get paid for the government holiday and don’t have to work.
lucky him.   🙂
I may call in sick on Friday.
There is no school and it is all day long meetings, so I may just pull a ‘I feel sick ‘ and pass on the whole thing.
We shall see.

Depends on how I feel later in the week.

I am writing again at least a little.
I wrote for a few hours last night and have been writing a bit this morning but it is starting to feel forced again so I doubt it will last much longer.

so while I don’t have anything interesting to write about these are my thoughts for the day.


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no I haven’t been to the doctor yet but I think I have arthritis.
My hands hurt, my fingers hurt and every other joint in my body is starting to hurt.

this getting old crap is for the birds.
I can’t believe I can ache so much.


Posted November 10, 2009 by Marge in ramblings