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Damn it   Leave a comment

Alright I am just about ready to get pissed.
My laptop won’t recharge the battery.
ugh it makes me so mad!!!
I don’t know what the problem could be.
It just won’t make the connection on the cord to recharge.
Damn it!

I am frustrated beyond words.
I have my son’s laptop here and I am using it, but isn’t as nice as mine is and I don’t remember half of my passwords so therefore there are things I can’t get on because my own laptop has the passwords in memory.
So frustrating


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why can’t people just be?   Leave a comment

oh the ups and downs of being in love.
Weather it is young love, a first love, a forty-year marriage kind of love or just a committed pair who see nothing but a future together….why can’t people be happy and just be?
Why are there struggles?
Could it be because it is a power play between the two?
one has to make sure the other one doesn’t get the upper hand?
could it be that one just has to be in charge?
love can be so simple and so tender.
Love is trust and commitment and fidelity and honesty.
Love is when the person puts their own wants and needs behind those of the person they love.
If only this younger generation would get that!

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and I’m off and running ……ooops….   Leave a comment

Alrighty then, I am off and running and ready to begin my vacation but ooops…..I still have eight days until I am officially off.
Darn it.
I will be off from November 26th through December 6th and only using two days of vacation in the process!
I am also using three days of comp time too, but we get a four-day weekend paid for Thanksgiving so…that is why I only have to use two days of vacation.
I am so ready to just be gone from here for a while.
Terrible aren’t I?

My husband asked me the other night, “So is this how it will be, we will be taking two vacations a year?”
And I said “Yeah why not?”

Of course there is always the money issue…..but….this time at least we can swing it.

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continuation   Leave a comment

well this is a continuation of my comments on “The Ladybug Farm”

I finished itΒ  yesterday and it was quite good.
I wish I was able to do something like that.
It was quite neat even though they had so many problems.
Of course I would never have the money to do such a thing but the idea is quite neat.

I will have to remember to thank my sister again for it.

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