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well now we are sitting on Wednesday.
I am back at work and while my back still hurts (honestly it hurts every day) I think I am well enough to be here at work.

No muscle spasms any way.

It is Wednesday, or Hump day as we all who work a forty hour week and get weekends off like to affectingly call it.

two more days after today before the weekend is here again.

My sister wrote me an email earlier about wishing she was rich.
I can’t imagine there is any one on the face of this earth who doesn’t wish that.
I know I do.

To never have to work again would be wonderful.
Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen that way….unless I have a rich relative out there that I don’t know about who dies and leaves his or her fortune to me.
Not going to happen


so I got all my  morning chores done here at work, and in an hour I will be heading to the gym to do breakfast.

I have a headache and my back still hurts but….some how I will muttle through.

The most exciting thing happening to me, other than the baby coming in May is the holidays coming.
I get four days off over Thanksgiving (counting the weekend) and I am taking the last week of December off, so there will be eleven days off in there counting the holidays off for Christmas and New Years (we always get two days off for both holidays)

And Kayla will be turning one and Mirielle will be turning 7 in November.


Posted October 21, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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