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this is my 1000th post, on this blog site.
Many people only write when they feel like they have something to say.
Many people go months without writing a thing.
For me this is an outlet.
And if no one ever reads it but me, then that is just how it is.

it is a diary of sorts, although I don’t share my innermost feelings here.

It gives me something to look forward to.
it is an expression of who I am.
And let’s face it, I am an original.

So while I wrote hundreds of blogs on a previous blog site that I can no longer get into, I find myself completely alright with that and very much at home here.
When I first started this one, I was heartsick to not be able to get to that one.
now I just feel like here is where I am meant to be.

So Happy 1000th to me!

Posted July 29, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

2 responses to “1,000

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  1. Congrats! You’ve been a writing machine!

  2. Congratulations my dear friend…that is such an achievement and I agree that it’s a wonderful outlet. You Rock and looking forward to the next 1000!! xx

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