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I have a few vacations planned for the next year.
My family (children and their families and my husband and I) are going to go to Tennessee in October to hike and then next May or late April my husband and I will go to The Grand Canyon for my 50th birthday
And then my sister and I are planning a trip to Colorado sometime next summer.

I have driven through Colorado but never really stopped anywhere.
Oh we stayed the night in Denver but it was dark when we go there and barely light when we left so does that really even count?

I love the mountains so I am sure I will love the vacation.

There are so many places I want to see and visit.
I look forward to many many more years of traveling across this great country.
The east coast is calling my name although my husband doesn’t seem to interested in it.
I would love to drive up the entire east coast.
Maybe I will have to have my sister do that vacation with me too.

It is always fun to plan and prepare for a trip.



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so until today I had no idea what a bursa sac is.
And for those of you who don’t know, it is a sac of fluid that helps your bones move smoothly.
Today and I can’t even begin to describe how I did this, today I somehow tore the bursa sac in my left knee.

I was on my knees cleaning a wall like I do dozens of times in a week at work and I stood up, and it felt like my knee had fallen asleep.
it felt tight and just odd.
I kept on working and for a few moments I ignored the way the knee felt
Then again I thought, man this is strange, my knee feels like it has fallen asleep.

it felt tight and just not right.
I looked down at my knee to see a golf ball sized swollen knob on my knee.
so I called the doctor and went in and he said I had torn the bursa sac in my knee.
I am wearing a brace and have to keep the leg elevated and iced every two hours for twenty minutes and I go back to the doctor tomorrow.

It is so incredibly strange to me that I could do something I have done hundreds of times before in my nine years at the school and the 49 years I have been alive, and this time, I tear the bursa sac!
so weird

At any rate the knee is swollen and I am on a pain reliever and taking it easy.

This getting old stuff……not sure I want to deal with it!

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yep here it is, another stinking Monday.
I would like to have pulled the covers up over my head and just hibernate for another day or two.
those dang weekends go by so quickly.

we went out to my brother-in-laws house in the country, that he just moved to and sat outside and the breeze was wonderful and the scenery was quite pretty too.
Made me a bit envious.

don’t get me wrong I love my house and yard but I would love to live in the country too.

But I doubt that will ever happen.
Guess I just need to go sit in his yard in the country every few days or so.

I suppose since I am at work I should get moving here.
Always plenty to do.

Have a good Monday dear readers!

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