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so I had my grand daughters Keira and Kayla last night.
Keira was asleep by nine thirty but Kayla was still awake at eleven.
We went to bed anyway and because it was pitch black outside, she had no choice but to fall asleep.
or so I thought.
At three thirty AM, she sits up in the bed she is sharing with me and her sister and says “Hi”
I tell her “Kayla go night- night.”
She lays back down but is playing and talking  jibberish to herself and for a while I am able to doze a bit.
Keira however wakes up and starts talking to Kayla.
So needless to say…..our day had begun.

Kayla took a three-hour nap during our fourth of July picnic and didn’t want to get up when her mother woke her up to go home.
Keira, bless her heart refused to even think about napping and kept on rolling with a fierce determination that she was not going to wind down to rest.

Their parents came and got them and left about thirty minutes ago.
I am betting both girls slept the fifteen miles it takes to get home from our house.

So while I feel the need to nap,I won’t simply because now that I am alone I want to enjoy the peace and quiet.

It probably will be an early night tonight though.
NO fireworks for me.

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