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Trying to explain history to a 7 year old   Leave a comment

we were watching a movie tonight that had scenes of the twin towers in New York, and a person standing in one of them, looking out the window and seconds later the screen goes black, and those of us who know all about  September 11 2001  know what the screen going black means.
But to a seven-year old she was totally confused.
So I got online and showed her pictures of what happened to our country on 9-11

I’m not sure if she understood what I was trying to explain to her though

I told her it is important to know what is going on in the world and our history and that I’m quite sure when she gets older in school, that they will talk more about it.

I hope I gave her a sense of what happened, but….chances are she will talk more about it with her mother tomorrow.

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Brooklyn’s Finest   Leave a comment

my son rented the above titled movie tonight.
It had Ethan Hawke in it, Richard Gere, Don Ameche, Wesley Snipes, and several other fairly big named actors

but that was all it had going for it.

It was extremely violent and the language was incredibly horrible.
I hate watching a movie when every other word is the F—-  word.
So unnecessary.

I couldn’t watch it due to the violence and the swearing.

It could have been better with less of both…

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let there be light…….   Leave a comment

for weeks probably closer to months I have been after my husband to fix a floor lamp that I have

he is after all an electrician so it should be easy for him right?

Well he kept putting it off and putting it off for weeks and weeks.
I got rather annoyed with him to the point that I would say “Gee if only my husband was an electrician, maybe he could fix my lamp!”

(yes I can be a bitch if I want to be)

I guess he got tired of hearing it, because tonight he took thirty minutes out of his busy day and fixed the lamp.

so I am a happy camper again.

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one more thought on want versus a need   Leave a comment

and if I do get this car, wouldn’t that be like showing off to my siblings who are struggling to make ends meet?
Should I really be that cold hearted?

And while I know it isn’t my fault that they are struggling with bills and money I don’t know if I should be that flaunting.

And no I wouldn’t help them with their bills because for one, most of them wouldn’t let me and for another, we have bills of our own, and can’t afford to help everyone else

does this make sense at all?

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a want versus a need   Leave a comment

I have been looking for a different car.
No it won’t be brand new because I don’t need to go that lavish.
But on thinking about it, do I NEED a new car?
no I don’t.
The one I have is just fine.
True it is 8 years old and has almost 134,000 miles on it….but this kind of car, a Toyota, can go for 250,000 miles with no problems.

so while I have been approved for a new car, the one I am looking at is a 2007 Toyota Camry with just under 26,000 miles on it……

I have to ask myself do I need it?
And frankly the answer is no.
Do I want it?
Oh what to do!

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the dash in the middle   Leave a comment

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, it isn’t the dates on the tombstone but the dash in between them that counts

meaning a person isn’t made up of the day they were born or the day they died, it is the dash in between that counts.

I often think of those who have gone to Heaven before me.
My Mother, my one and only Grandmother, many aunts and uncles and cousins

luckily for me, none of my siblings have passed yet

My oldest sister turns 66 this year.
My mother passed away at 65, so I look at my eldest sister and I think, Mom.

65 is so young, especially when I am 49 years old.
When my mother passed I was 32, and 65 felt pretty old then.

now I look at my eldest sister and think of my mother and all the life she could have lived, had she only lived.

some people get to have their parents well into their nineties.
My husband’s grandmother passed away when she was 91

now that is a long fulfilling life!

I think of my own dash, and what my life has been and is.
I was sitting in my back yard last night with two of my four grandchildren, pushing the girls on the swings and watching them play.

as I was sitting there I thought ‘this is what it is all about.  Family, children, grandchildren…..”

this is the good life.

Yes there are many things I would like to do.
Travel mostly
I even think of going back to school occasionally…..

but the most important thing in life is one’s family.
And I know my mother knew that.
I think everyone who dies before us, knows in the end, if not before, that family is the most important thing.

Well to me God is first, because without Him I wouldn’t have my blessing’s which is my family
And then family is second, only to God.
And then one’s health is of utmost importance.

the college degree, or the money in the bank are all way down on the line of what is REALLY important.

I do hope, although I won’t be buried so I won’t have a tombstone, but I do hope when I come to the end of my life, and after I’m gone, those who are left behind think, “she was of some importance”
that is what I hope to leave behind.
That and my growing family.

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oil spill saga   Leave a comment

yes it is tragic, let me begin by stating that I too think it is quite tragic that it went eighty plus days before they could cap the oil leak in the gulf.
I can only imagine that the wild life is suffering tremendously for this failure to take control sooner.
NOT that they didn’t try.
That’s what gets me.
I know there are hundreds of people out of work due to this disaster in the gulf and I do feel for them, but BP was trying.
It wasn’t like they were all out partying every night while this was happening.

Today’s headline reads “Oil is capped, but for how long?”
Now why must people be so negative?
They should be rejoicing that the problem has been neutralized.
not being so negative.

The whole thing was horrendous and I can only imagine that the wildlife in the gulf and the people in those southern states are going to have to live with this aftermath for a very long time.

But I do commend the people at BP.

they ARE trying!

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Mr Wonderful   Leave a comment

I use to date a man I always called “Mr. Wonderful” 
I never called him that to his face, but when I talked about  him with my friends that was how I labeled him.
Because he had an air about him that he was above everyone else.
He was egotistical, which normally is a major turn off to me, but he also was incredibly handsome and I just couldn’t resist myself.

we dated for six months and when we parted it was on friendly terms.
at any rate, I only bring Mr. Wonderful up because I dreamt of him last night, of all things.
I haven’t seen or talked to this man in ……fifteen years or so, so it is so odd to me that I would dream about him.

And of all things, in the dream I was his maid!
We had never met until the day in my dream, and he informed me I hadn’t aged all that well, where he looked exactly the same!

I woke up at three thirty this morning laying there thinking, ‘why would I dream about him?’   and “I wonder how he is doing?’

I hope he is doing well….he should be about 62 or 63 by now….and he always had a life long ambition to play golf year round and travel to different places to play golf when he retired…..

I hope he gets to live that dream

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