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what if I woke up tomorrow and my life was turned upside down?
You may ask why I am thinking this way but it is because last night I woke up at one thirty and found my husband wasn’t in bed beside me.
Now maybe I am a worry wart but my husband is at least one hundred and fifty pounds heavier than he should be and I worry about his health and his heart.
He has a bad case of sleep apnea but of course won’t go to the doctor and have tests run to get on an oxygen machine to help aid him when he sleeps.
(Like most men, my husband avoids doctors)

I actually wake up at night because he isn’t breathing and when I am just about ready to try to jerk him into breathing, he starts on his own again

so when he wasn’t in bed with me last night I lay there thinking…..okay he stayed on the couch because he was coughing and didn’t want to keep me up……or he got called out to work….(he is on call 24/7) or my worst fear something awful happened and he is no longer here

I realize one shouldn’t worry about things they have no control over but he scares me with his health and I do worry.

So before I got up and went half way down our staircase to hear him snoring….I thought to myself what if?
How would I manage?
I realize I would.
Every woman who out lives her spouse does survive it.
but it would be awful to have to tell my children.
it would be awful to wake up and not have him in my world.

so these crazy thoughts have been going round and round in my head today and needless to say I hate thinking about them….

I’m not ready for the what if’s……but I know chances are, I will outlive him and will one day have to deal with that ……


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why you may wonder do I keep coming back to this theme for my blogs?
Well frankly it is because I am a green girl.

I tell my grand daughters that God also must think green is the best color in the world because if you look outside everything is green.
Green trees, green grass, green plants with a splash of color here and there.

the oldest Mirielle just laughs and tells me I am weird.
I smile because I know I am weird.
Always have been and always will be.
 but being weird isn’t a bad thing.
not in my corner of the world anyway!

I like being different, I like the person I am and I like knowing where I am going in life.
it is a good feeling to be happy with oneself.
I won’t lie to you, I would like to be thinner, I would like to have a different job but in the big scheme of things….I am happy being me.
Weird green girl and all.

(I’m 49, can I still be a girl?)

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I can’t help but wonder   Leave a comment

I have a blog friend from Australia and I think her name is the same as a woman who use to write for Hallmark cards.
(Or maybe she still does?)

I can’t help but wonder if this is the same person???
Could the world be that small?

I actually used part of this woman’s card on a blog once and added a bit of my own to it, but never gave the writer her due.
Which I sorely regret now but I can’t get back on to that blog site to correct it.
However this lady from Australia has a way with words and she writes a lot of poems.
So I can’t help but wonder if there is the smallest chance she use to write for Hallmark cards or still might?

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I feel like complaining!
I have a handful of stuff I want to complain about but I feel I tend to get on a roll here and I’m sure you dear readers are tired of my complaining about my job.
So I won’t.

I feel in need of a bath and my shift isn’t even half over.
I’m hungry but must force myself to wait another hour to eat lunch
WHY, you may wonder?

because if I eat lunch too early then my afternoon just drags.

When school is in session I don’t get to eat lunch till one pm.
SO I try to wait until at least noon to eat so that way my afternoon isn’t that long.

on a good note I am making wonderful progress with the school
Have only five classrooms and two temp buildings to do and then I can work on hallways and offices, the library and gym.
That long tunnel is getting shorter every day!
And that is a great feeling!!!

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I just had a freakish scare.
Yesterday before leaving I was getting things ready to start my day out today.
one of those things was putting water in a bucket to begin my day off with scrubbing walls.
I walked upstairs where I was working here at the school, and what was in the water?
A mouse!
Now how did he get in there?
he was fighting like crazy to get out again but was unable to because of the wet sides of the bucket!
It freaked me out!
I assume mice can crawl on nearly anything?
But where did he come from?
And how long was he in that bucket of water?
I took both the bucket and mr mouse outside and dumped it.
he sat there looking stunned as I retreated back into the school with my now empty bucket.

I sure hope this little guy has learned his lesson!
(I kid you not Buttercup600! A true story!)

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I have a full-fledged cold thanks to my husband.
I had one about a month ago too and I kept it to myself and didn’t share it with him.
But unfortunately he had to share his.

It is my own fault really.
I was drinking a bottled water at the movie the other day and he started coughing.
He whispered he needed to go get something to drink, and like the idiot I tend to be, I just handed him my water.
He took a drink, which quieted his coughing and I drank the rest.
Thus….I have a cold now.
Every time I swallow I feel like there is glass in my throat

I sneeze, I cough and I ache every where.

So thanks honey for sharing!

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