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a little help from my friends   Leave a comment

that old Beatles tune “I get by with a little help from my friends” reminds me of three physical plant men who came this afternoon to help me move a few things.
none of the three would I consider a real friend but I like talking to them when they stop by to deliver something.
One of them offered to help me move stuff and after telling him he didn’t have to, he insisted so that was really nice.

Not sure if he felt sorry for me, working and cleaning the whole school by myself or if he just wanted something to do.
But it was nice to have the help.

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day dreaming   Leave a comment

since my sister and I went to see this house yesterday I have spent a lot of time day dreaming about it.

it would cost a fortune to fix up and restore to its original beauty.

the walls in the basement need fixed, so much needs attended to upstairs in the main portion of the house….

there were no screens on the windows, that would be one of the very first things I would need fixed.
I love having the windows open (When it isn’t too hot or cold outside)

I love the country living atmosphere when it is only two miles from the city…..

┬álike my sister says…..good thing dreaming is free…..

so is wishing……


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