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too hot   Leave a comment

it is way too hot out there.
It is nine forty-five at night and with the heat index it is still 94 degrees outside.
Just too dang hot.

I so much prefer spring, fall and winter to boiling hot temps and humidity.
The older I get the more I hate summer when the humidity is so high.

Maybe I am just getting cranky.


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Superwoman   Leave a comment

someone, some where told some one else that I am superwoman.
I don’t know who started this insane rumor but it just isn’t true.
Every other day the principal asks me to do something else on top of all the other things I have to do.

I want to scream at her “I am one person!!!! ONE PERSON!!!! CUT ME SOME SLACK!!!!”

but of course I don’t.
I just add her request to the list of things I have to do and hopefully I can get it all done before school starts in four weeks.
There may be a few evenings I will be here….to get it all accomplished….

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one would think…..   Leave a comment

one would think that all the sweating and moving around I am doing that I would lose weight.
Okay I have lost five pounds since the beginning of the summer but the way I am sweating and working my butt off, one would think I would lose a lot more.
of course there is a chance it is going to muscle.
I can feel the muscles burning in my legs every time I go from sitting to standing so….I suppose there is that chance…..

at any rate I need to lose about fifty more pounds….so…..keep on sweating right?

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no ambition   Leave a comment

I have no ambition to be here today.
And there is so much to do!
I’m weary, literally just weary of cleaning and moving furniture.
My poor old body just feels old today.
Darn it.

Well even though I don’t have the ambition, I have tons of stuff to do since school starts in three weeks… I best get moving…..

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