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Free Lindsay   Leave a comment

okay I’m going to get on my soap box here so if you don’t want to hear me complain, you best go read someone else’s blog now…….

I read on the internet that they are having a rally in New York City to Free Lindsay Lohan from her jail time.
Is she above the law?
Maybe in her own mind!
I just don’t get people.
The girl obviously needs help!
If someone doesn’t get her on the right path and soon she is going to be just like Anna Nicole Smith and die a sad death.
(No disrespect to Anna Nicole Smith)

I know why she is the way she is.
because fame came to her at a young age and she couldn’t handle it or the money and got bored with life so she began drinking and doing drugs.
Same old story of a Hollywood starlet
Or star, as in Heath Ledger’s case.

Free Lindsay!
you have got to be kidding!
She needs those ninety days to get her head on straight and get clean.
Oh and a minister might want to go visit her and visit her often and show her the way to God.

Okay enough said………

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Time for a change   1 comment

I’m in a rut, I need a change.
I have been doing the same thing day after day after day and I am feeling like I’m just spinning my wheels and getting no where.

I want to be free yet I feel like I have shackles around my ankles holding me back.
I want to be adventurous and I am stilted by the mundane day to day existence.

Do I sound depressed?
I’m not…..I just need a vacation.
It has been over a year since I have been on vacation and I feel like I’m sinking in to a bottomless pit of blackness because of it.

I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and even that is getting old and to the point that I don’t enjoy it much
Why don’t I change it up?
Because this is cheap

I know what you are thinking…..only I can make the changes….and you are right.
Only I can…..

now I just have to decide what to do and where to make the changes at……

stay tuned……….

Posted July 28, 2010 by Marge in ramblings