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the four girls in the black and white picture are my cousins daughters.
They were eight (the twins) and the bride was 6 and the one on the furthest left was 4 when their mother was murdered by a man she had been dating and tried to break up with.

these four girls and their father came to live with my husband and myself  all those years ago until they found a home of their own to move to.

Due to their mother’s death at such a young age they all have been close in my heart and I love spending time with all four of them.
it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like, the spending time with them,  but I think they are all extremely beautiful girls with wonderful hearts.

The second picture is of the four of them and their families
The bride was married this last Saturday to her second husband and that is their son together that he is holding.
the other two boys are from a previous marriage.

I look at these two pictures and can only smile and I honestly believe that their mother in heaven is smiling too at what wonderful women these four girls turned out to be.


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surprised   Leave a comment

a few days ago I put out a blog wanting people to give me names of authors they like so I can broaden my horizons of books.
the only person who gave me advice was from my own sister.
Odd to me and a bit surprising.
I would think dozens of people would comment on that subject.
but nope……didn’t work that way….

rather surprised…..

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went to the doctor and I am back to work.
they don’t seem to be too concerned with my knee unless it becomes infected.
So far it is fine.
A bit swollen but fine.
I have restrictions not to kneel or squat down and I am supposed to keep my leg elevated when I am not at work, and ice it four to six times a day.

I am supposed to go back on Friday to have it checked again.

it only hurts a little and the only thing that really bothers me is climbing stairs.
But other wise it is fine.
I have a brace I am wearing and need to keep wearing while I am moving around.

So no worries on this end.

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off to the doctors……..again   Leave a comment

well I have to be at the doctors again here in an hour and while I doubt they will tell me much more than they told me yesterday I am required to go since I did it on the job.

The knee is more swollen today than yesterday.
The lump, the golf ball sized lump is still there but the rest of the knee is swelling up.

I can’t say it hurts, the drugs they have given me works great, but I guess we shall see what the doctor says when I see him.

I would rather be at work, than deal with my aging body failing me in all the ways it is starting to fail me.
But I know working my job, is not easy on the body and that is why I am having all the problems I am having.

Time to find another job…..

I Know, how many times have I said that?

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