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5 weeks to go…….   Leave a comment

I have five weeks left before school starts again.
In one way I feel almost panicked and in another I think I will be done and there will be time to spare.

I have seven classrooms to do, four hallways, two offices, the gym and the kitchen to do.

I am pretty sure I can do it all in the time left.

the summer has gone by quickly though…..which is good in some ways.

Today was 110 with the heat indices, way too hot, but I worked in the air-conditioned part of the school so I didn’t notice it all that much.

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no one writes   Leave a comment

except for my blogger friend in Australia, no one writes on their blogs daily like she and I do.
Why is that?
Doesn’t anyone have anything to say?
It is frustrating to check my favorite bloggers to find that again today, no one has written.
ugh, it is discouraging!

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A new day…….   Leave a comment

a new day……now I just need a new attitude………

Really I am fine, just back at work again with more than enough cleaning to keep me busy for the next month.

I know stop complaining…..

a person I use to consider a friend is turning 61 tomorrow and I don’t know if I should bother with wishing this person a “Happy Birthday” or not.
I use to love and care about this person very much, but circumstances make it easier for me to not have this person in my life.
However…..I keep thinking I should just send a quick “Happy Birthday”
But isn’t that opening a door I am not so sure I want opened?
I miss my friend but this person has become a liar and I can’t deal with liars.
I have no time for liars.

but I still miss my friend…..

so there lies the question….

do I send the email?
knowing to this person it will be a door to renewing the friendship?
or do I ignore the birthday?

 this person didn’t acknowledge my birthday when it was here two months ago, so……why do I feel the need to even spend my time thinking about this?????

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