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Okay my baby sister is 45 years old so she is far from a baby, but she is the youngest of the seven of us, so I like to fondly refer to her as the baby sister.

Anyway I called and talked to her on my way home from work.
Yes I did it, I drove and talked on my cell at the same time.
Something I rarely do but I was coming home from work and she was driving into work so it seemed a great time to talk.

At any rate it has been a few months since I talked to her so it was nice to touch base with her.

She lives about 130 miles away and while that isn’t far, I work first shift and she works second and we both have full weekends and it is hard sometimes to get together.
I don’t think I have been down to Missouri for nearly two years, (it will be two years at Thanksgiving) and I can’t even remember when she was up here last.

At any rate it was nice talking to her and knowing she and her family are all doing well.

I have to make a point to call her more often.
She is a wonderful woman and the most like our mother… I like spending time with her too because she has mom’s mannerisms and it is fun to watch her talk and walk around and it always brings back good memories of our mother.

we girls aren’t as close as we use to be and I know we need to change that.
no one is promised a tomorrow…….and I miss hanging out with her…..


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amazing what a bath can do   Leave a comment

So I came home and scrubbed my kitchen floor and then went and took a leisurely bath
We are headed back into Iowa City to┬áthe Verizon store to┬ásee if we can figure out what is wrong with my daughter’s cell phone.
We being, her, me and my husband and baby Aaron
We will probably go out to eat as well since we will be there.

daily I work up a sweat at work, not in thirty minutes into the job, so it is always nice to come home and take a bath and feel fresh and clean again.
I have been known to take four baths in one day, during the┬ásummer and while I don’t do that often, there is something wonderful about being fresh and clean.

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no news?   Leave a comment

My husband and I watch the nightly news every night from five pm until six pm.
I pointed out to him last night that they haven’t talked about the oil leak all that much lately

for weeks we got to see film on the oil gushing out of the pipe in the gulf.

we would get footage of the beaches and the oil in clumps along the sand

we would see the ocean water, full of disgusting oil
then a week or so ago they started talking about Kevin Costner’s idea on how to stop all of this.
And now, barely nothing.

I wonder what prompts them (the news people) to share news and then suddenly not talk about it like it is non-existent?

a few years ago they had a mad rush on sharks attacking people

my husband said they shared this because there was no news to share….

I suppose he is right.

Just rather odd that something so huge, is now barely mentioned…..

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