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1,000   2 comments

this is my 1000th post, on this blog site.
Many people only write when they feel like they have something to say.
Many people go months without writing a thing.
For me this is an outlet.
And if no one ever reads it but me, then that is just how it is.

it is a diary of sorts, although I don’t share my innermost feelings here.

It gives me something to look forward to.
it is an expression of who I am.
And let’s face it, I am an original.

So while I wrote hundreds of blogs on a previous blog site that I can no longer get into, I find myself completely alright with that and very much at home here.
When I first started this one, I was heartsick to not be able to get to that one.
now I just feel like here is where I am meant to be.

So Happy 1000th to me!


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a beautiful day   Leave a comment

it is lovely outside.
So nice and cool and no humidity.
It is incredibly nice.
I went for a small walk this morning around the school, just to take in the sun rising and to hear the birds chirping and to enjoy the morning dawn.
Why can’t every day be this beautiful?

Posted July 29, 2010 by Marge in ramblings