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a new car   Leave a comment

I got a new car today, okay not brand new.
it is 3 years old but it looks brand new and smells brand new and it has less than 26,000 miles on it.
I love it!
It is a toyota camry and RED!!!!

I am happy and wish I could spend the rest of the day just driving it.

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busy weekend!   Leave a comment

my weekend is so busy that I am not sure where to start with it.

I have to clean my house, but before it gets too awfully hot and humid out I have to go and do the building check and move a heavy table from the basement (outside) to the school.
Then we have a few things to move inside the school.

Then we are going to go test drive a car I may buy.
And after that it is grocery shopping.

I need to come back home and clean my house and then I will have my grandson tonight.
His mama says he sleeps seven and a half hours straight through but I am betting I won’t sleep well just because he is here and I am responsible for him.

Tomorrow it is back in to the school to do another building check and then meet my husband’s sister and her husband for lunch at noon because it is her birthday.

Then we are going to go to an open house to a house that I have admired for years and often wished I could own.
(I still wish that!  Anyone want to loan me $60,000 for the down payment?)

and sometime this weekend I would like to go see Leo’s new movie “Inception”

but if that doesn’t happen until next weekend that would be alright.

I don’t know if I will get to see Keira and Kayla although I might.
hard telling at this point.

Anyway I hope everyone woke up feeling well with a smile on their faces.
Keep cool!


Posted July 17, 2010 by Marge in ramblings