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Sunshine   Leave a comment

we have been treated like royalty by Mother Nature this week.
Every day has been a lot of sunshine and perfect temps.
I just love it.

I wish every day could be like this, but then again if it was, we probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

I wish it never got hotter than 80 degrees and we never had humidity, but….that is a pipe dream…..and I’m told the corn in the fields need humidity to grow and ripen.

And I live in Iowa so I guess I should be fine with humid weather since I have never lived anywhere else but Iowa all my 49 years.


still today is another picture perfect wonderful weather day.
gotta love it.

I sit outside every day on my lunch break and let the sun tan my legs while I read.

Almost paradise.


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off and running…..   Leave a comment

I would love to tell you, dear reader that I am off and running with a kick in my step and a great attitude

but that would be a lie.

I have the strongest desire to curl up in a corner some where with a pillow and blanket and read on my book.

but alas…..I am at work….and if I don’t do the job. no one will………so I guess I must get up, with a smile on my face, and begin my day……

 Happy Thursday!

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why do I do what I do?   Leave a comment

I am my mother all over again.
She use to do things and even though she knew she was going to suffer for it, she still did it.
For instance, eating spicy foods.
She knew she would suffer hours of stomach problems if she ate spicy foods, but she would do it anyway…….

that is why I am like her.
I love to swim, I really enjoy the feeling of my body slicing through the water.
I rarely if ever put my head under water though because something about the chlorine causes me to suffer cold like symptoms for a day or two after I swim.

So what did I do last night at the pool?
I dove into the water.
Yep, me, knowing I was going to suffer for it, I dove into the water.
I love to dive about as much as I love to swim.
But I rarely do, simply because that is putting my head under the water.

At any rate, I am suffering with cold like symptoms today, for that one small moment of bliss last night.

So why do I do what I do?
Knowing the consequences will be less than ideal?

I have no idea……..

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