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sneezing, mice droppings and garbage   Leave a comment

I can’t stop sneezing this morning.
What a pain in the butt.
It is probably dust that is causing it as I am moving furniture and cleaning it and therefore the dust is in the air….

every morning I come into work I have mice droppings on my desk to greet me.
Ug, I hate mice.
My husband suggests I put a mouse trap down, but I’m not sure I want to be greeted with a dead mouse on my desk in the morning either.
Maybe I will put it on the filing cabinet next to my desk and I can catch the little bugger that way……

still creeps me out thinking I will walk in here tomorrow morning with a dead mouse waiting for me…….


my night custodian use to take care of all the garbage in the building and now that he has retired it has fallen to me.
I can’t believe how often I have to change the garbage bags!
It seems never-ending.

In reality it is probably twice a week but it sure seems to pile up quickly here…..

okay, I’m  done gripping for the day


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another day another………..   Leave a comment

when I was younger and just started working at the nursing home, there was a lady there who would always say “Another day….another ……50 cents”
I would laugh at her because I am a optomistic and I would correct her and say “nope, another day…another dollar” and she would correct me with her…”…..another 50 cents….”

I sat down to write and that line popped into my head
“Another day another dollar…..”
Luckily for me it is more than a dollar but the days do seem to run right into the other.
I feel like I barely get home and suddenly it is time for bed, and here I am at work again…..

hmmm……I’m sure 80% of the population feels the same way though…..too much work and too little time off…..

Posted July 20, 2010 by Marge in ramblings