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Thank God for Friday’s!
That was my first thought when I sat down to write a post, but after thinking about it for a second I have a lot more to thank God for.

Thank God for my family
Thank God for taking care of them each and every day and seeing them to their homes every night.
Thank God for my grandchildren
Thank God for my children’s significant others that make my children happy

Thank God for my husband.

Thank God for my sisters and brother.
Thank God for looking after them every day and seeing them safely home to their families every day

Thank God for all of our health

Thank God for the sunshine

Thank God for the rain

Thank God for His never-ending love

Thank God for having His Son die on the cross so that we shall all have a chance to be in Heaven one day

Thank God for my friends
Thank God for my job and my ability to pay my bills and have enough for a luxury or two

Thank God for His love.

one more thing…..thank God for the beauty all around us as well


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Thank God for the movers   Leave a comment

I had three gentlemen come and help me move a classroom.
I helped them and it took us one hour and ten minutes to get it all done.
I couldn’t thank them enough.
I realize saying thank you doesn’t seem enough.
it is quite humid out and we got rained on four times in the process.
But at least that is done.
Thank God for the movers, that is all I know to say.

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