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this Sunday we are supposed to go boating.
My three younger children, their families and my husband and I.

We did this last July for my husband’s birthday and we are doing it this year just because it was so enjoyable last year.

However it is supposed to rain on Sunday according to the local weather man so….I’m doubting we will get to go.

Not that it will be so disappointing if we don’t.
There is always another weekend.

Just seems like it wants to rain more than anything else of late in Iowa.


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 find it hard to believe I actually had three days away from here.
Yes I had to come in every day and do the building check so I really didn’t get time away from here.
But the building checks take fifteen minutes tops, so it wasn’t like I spent hours here.

Saturday we had Kayla from nine thirty on….and while I adore that child so so much, she is a little hellion

so completely ornery but such a sweetheart too.

We got her sister around one and I took them swimming which is a chore because you can’t take your eyes off of Kayla because she likes to run around and have you chase her.

We had our family picnic on the 4th which just consisted of good food and the kids all hanging out for a while at our house.

Yesterday we went to a couple of movies

The first one was “Twlight’s Eclipse”  and the second one was “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise

neither one was wonderful but they were entertaining and that was what I was after.

And now it is the beginning of the work week again.

It is humid out and disgustingly sticky and I am grateful I have fans to have on through out my day.

so I suppose I should get to work here.
Find some ambition some where and start tackling more cleaning.

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